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eClient Support


E-Clients for existing client users please visit https://iefacman.navfac.navy.mil/appspaq/smartclient/navfac/jsp/eclient.jsp

New Client Support

eClient is a web-based tool that enables NAVFAC Clients to view the status of their Capital Improvements (design and construction) projects.

Access to eClient is limited to individuals working for the Department of Defense with .mil (and in some cases, .edu) email addresses. eClient is intended for use by Clients receiving NAVFAC products/services at the Installation, Region, Service (e.g. Marine Corps, Air Force) and Command Sponsor (e.g. “Defense Logistics Agency”) levels. Reporting for Congress and Secretariat levels (e.g. OSD, ASN) should be met through tools other than eClient to help ensure proper vetting of reports for these senior organizations.

Click here first to see instructions for Requesting an eClient Password/Account, Proper Browser Settings, and First Time Log-in.

Click here to Request a Password/Account.

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For more information on how to get a PKI certificate please refer to DoD PKI client certificates page or call the NAVY PKI Help Desk at 1-800-304-4636 / DSN 588-4286 or itac@infosec.navy.mil

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