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The DoD Lock Program is sponsored by the following agencies: NAVFAC, PSEAG, US Army, DLA, CIA, DNI, GSA, and CNIC.   The DoD Lock Program is designated as the DoD technical authority for locks, safes, vaults, seals, and containers used to protect national security information (NSI) and arms, ammunitions, and explosives (AA&E).  The DoD Lock Program is divided into three branches: Field Support; Research, Development, Testing, & Evaluation (RDT&E); and Physical Security Equipment (PSE) Testing.  To learn more about the DoD Lock Program click here or call the Technical Support Hotline.  Our Technical Support Hotline staff can help you with information on security hardware selection, requirements, specifications, national stock numbers, purchasing, and troubleshooting of equipment failures.

Call the DoD Lock Program Technical Support Hotline

(800) 290-7607, (805) 982-1212, DSN 551-1212

or send an email to Technical Support


Limited Use of FF-L-2740B Locks and FF-L-2890B Pedestrian Door Deadbolt Devices

The locks mentioned on this website that meet either Federal Specification FF-L-2740B or FF-L-2890B have a limited use clause contained in the specification; they are to be sold only to the Federal Government, US Government contractors specifically authorized to purchase these locks, or other organizations or persons specifically authorized or required by the US Government to use these locks.


  GSA approved Security Container Ordering Information

Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO) Notice 2014-02: Procurement of Security Equipment states "GSA approved" security containers and vault doors must now be procured through GSA Global Supply.



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The DoD Lock Program provides "Open/Secured" two-sided magnetic signs to the DoD community free of charge.  These signs will include the Technical Support Hotline contact information for quick reference in getting support for your security equipment.  It is good practice to use these signs on containers or vault doors in order to provide a visual status of the equipment to personnel working in the area.  To place your order click here.



Internal Locking Device (ILD)

Internal Locking Device (ILD)

The ILD is a High Security Locking System DoD Approved for Protection of AA&E, Chemical & Nuclear Weapons.  Click here for more information on the ILD.

Click here to request FREE single- or dual-key ILD operating instructions on a 12" x 14" rigid placard with adhesive that you may place on your magazine.

For ILD technical support call ILD Field Support Hotline at (805) 982-5625, DS 3118 N 551-5625 or send an email to ILD Field Support.




This document replaces DoD Regulation 5200.1-R and is in 4 volumes.  See our Directives and Guidance page to review volumes. 




IMPORTANT Defense Security Service News!

The Defense Security Service (DSS) has issued an Industrial Security Letter, ISL 2011-01, dated January 13, 2011, for all cleared Contractors, User Agencies, and DoD Activities indicating contractors will not be allowed to use non-GSA approved security containers for storage of classified documents effective October 1, 2012.  This letter is aligned with the ISOO Classified National Security Information Directive.  Please contact DSS at (888) 282-7682 or the DoD Lock Program Hotline at (800) 290-7607 for more information.  To learn more about GSA approved security containers, please visit our GSA Approved Security Containers page.


GSA Approved Container Inspection

Only a trained inspector can recertify a GSA container or vault door.  To locate an inspector near you contact both of the training facilities listed below.  Click the following link to find out more about the GSA Approved Security Equipment Inspection Program.

(888) MBA-5495
(859) 887-0496
Lockmasters Security Institute
(859) 887-9633

GSA Certified Safe and Vault Technician Training

The General Services Administration (GSA), in conjunction with the Interagency Committee on Security Equipment (IACSE), Storage Equipment and Locking Systems (SEALS) Subcommittee, has developed a program to train safe and vault technicians in working on GSA approved security equipment.  Click the following link to find out more about GSA Certified Safe and Vault Technician Training.

Defense Logistics Agency

You Save Time and Money When You Purchase
Equipment from DLA Troop Support

DLA Troop Support, formerly Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (DSCP), sells a variety of Physical Security Equipment (PSE).  PSE available through the Lock Program website include products required for the protection of classified materials, and weapons and ammunition.  Locate the PSE you need from our website.  The DLA icon (shown to the right) next to the item indicates that it is available from DLA Troop Support.  Call the Technical Support Hotline to find out more about DLA Troop Support and the products they sell.

Please visit our DLA Troop Support hardware page to see a list of all the physical security equipment DLA provides.

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