05B4 111C Regulations


Will there be a regulation that will prohibit the dry cleaning, starching, and pressing of the uniform?

No. However, NAVADMIN 259/11 specifically details care instructions as well as the garment. Sailors are not authorized to deviate from those care instructions. Dry cleaning, starching, and pressing the garments will lessen the performance of the item.

Is there a regulation that governs the wearing of the new NWU Type II/III?

See Navy Uniform Regulations and NAVADMINs 188/09, 374/09, 259/11, and 366/11.

Can the wear of Type II & III be allowed in DC except for the Pentagon and other high level meetings?

See the NAVADMIN for new definition specific to NWU for the National Capital Region.

Can we wear the Fleece as an outer garment? If so, how does one identify rank/name?

Sailors will be able to wear the black NWU Type I parka fleece liner only with the NWU Type I 90 days after the release of NAVADMIN XXX/11. The NAVADMIN also contains the proper wear of the liner. The coyote brown fleece liner is authorized as an outer-garment with Type II and III. Rank will be identified for E4 and above. Names are not identified.

What kind of accessories can be worn with the NWU Type II and III?

NAVADMIN 374/09 addresses the kinds of accessories that can be worn with the NWU Type II/III. NAVADMIN 259/11 addresses this in further detail.

Can I keep my uniforms once issued to me?

Per NAVSUP Instruction 10120.6, organizational clothing is defined as any protective equipment, safety clothing, or accessory loaned to an individual by a Naval activity for which there is a requirement above and beyond authorized Navy uniforms. It remains the property of the Navy and is returned to the activity when the individual is transferred. Contact your command for unit level policy and practices on consumable organizational gear.

How does a unit dispose of a CUU or DCU uniform item?

The decision on disposition of current uniforms being replaced is left with the units. We recommend that organizations with disposition questions concerning their CUU and DCU uniforms either consult with their designated DRMO Disposition Service Representative or determine the applicability of the DRMS/DRMO procedures such as in the DOD 4160.21-M Defense Disposition Manual. This provides flexibility for each unit.


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