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The Navy Ergonomics Program is focused on engaging at the operational level to reduce musculoskeletal injuries and illnesses for Navy personnel through mishap prevention activities. The Navy Ergonomics program seeks initiatives to reduce exposure to injury risks and provides strategic direction to develop policies.

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Online Navy Ergonomics Course 
  • Upcoming dates and times:
    • 07/16/18 - 07/19/18    2-hour live session: 1300-1500 EST
  • 4 day, 32 – hour Navy Ergonomics Course
  • Office Ergonomics module, daily quizzes and mini-class studies, one final case study, and checklists for assessing office workstations
  • Sign up for the course through your normal required training process.


Navy Ergonomics Refresher Course 
  • The new 1-day Navy Ergonomics Refresher Course is a review of the training you receive during the 32-hour Navy Ergonomics Course.
  • The refresher course is available on the Training page.  

Effectiveness of a vacuum lifting system in reducing spinal load during airline baggage handling

"Information on spinal loading for using lift assist systems for airport baggage handling is lacking. We conducted a laboratory study to evaluate a vacuum lift system for reducing lumbar spinal loads during baggage loading/unloading tasks."

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Participatory ergonomics:  Evidence and implementation lessons

"Participatory ergonomics programs have been proposed as the most effective means of eliminating, or redesigning, manual tasks with the aim of reducing the incidence of occupational musculoskeletal disorders. This review assesses the evidentiary basis for this claim."

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Implementation and Benefits of Sit-Stand Workstations


"Sedentary behavior is a contributor to several health-related issues and is currently a hot topic of conversation among many organizations. Sit-stand workstations, as a tool to reduce sedentary behavior, can be somewhat controversial and costly."


Date: 7 June 2018

Time: 1400 Eastern

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Root Cause Analysis and Improved Ergonomics for Industrial Sprain/Strain Injury Reduction


"The speaker will explain why using traditional accident investigation methods to review sprain/strain type injuries may not be capturing the whole story. You’ll learn what aspects of a root cause analysis may differ when investigating soft tissue claims versus immediate and traumatic workplace injuries."


Date: 20 June 2018

Time: 1400 Eastern

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 Our Services

  • Technical support and consultation via site visit, distance support, and special projects
  • Assistance with the evaluation and selection of tools and equipment
  • Mishap Prevention and Hazard Abatement Program project development and execution
  • Interpretation of Navy Instructions or guidance documents pertaining to ergonomics
  • Resources – Webpage outreach and Field tools
  • Ergonomics training 


Navy Resources for Office Ergonomics includes the following:
  • 32 – hour Navy Ergonomics Course: Office Ergonomics module and checklists for assessing office workstations
  • NKO: NAVFAC NFEC-E-M5-OE-1.0 Office Ergonomics
  • ESAMS: ID 3030 Office Ergonomics
  • Navy Ergonomics does not perform assessments or mitigations for office workspaces (per OPNAVINST 5100.23)


Navy Ergonomics Program Manager

Cindy Whitehead, MHS, CPE
Navy Ergonomics Program SME


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