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Evidence-Based decision-making


Guiding data collection, analysis, and synthesis with a variety of stakeholders and sources in an unbiased manner to reach an objective conclusion, goal, or judgement, and to enable optimal strategic and leadership decision making.

Proficiency Levels

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You gather data and compile basic statistics. You break down tasks and problems into manageable components. You solicit guidance as needed to assess importance and urgency. You escalate issues to higher levels as needed.

You report information in an efficient manner and are able to identify trends and outliers. You identify correlations and causal relationships. You investigate to define problems accurately and are able to sort information in order of importance. You define criteria and assign values of importance and urgency.

You conduct original research to define problems and prepare responses to anticipated questions. You are able to identify linkages and identify root causes and effects. You anticipate the unintended consequences of potential solutions.

You determine criteria for assessing issues and opportunities. You systematically analyze relationships between apparently independent problems and issues. You review and translate analytical reports into management presentations and provide guidance to resolve issues. You initiate research to identify critical problems.

You regularly establish strategic goals and enterprise-wide priorities using data. You use advanced analyses to identify and assess problem definitions and potential solutions and compare them against predetermined criteria. You create frameworks for reviewing large amounts of data. You probe for and identify relationships in highly complex matters. You systematically identify and resolve complex enterprise-wide issues, while keeping leaders apprised

Learning Content

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Name Awareness / Basic Intermediate Advanced / Expert

Evidence-Based Management



You can participate in recorded interactive webinars and complete learning activities in real-time through the offerings below. To complete any webinar, you will need to access and complete all listed learning materials listed for each.

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Name Awareness / Basic Intermediate Advanced / Expert

Employing and Analytic Approach to Decision-Making

On-demand recording:
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Keys to Unlocking Great Decision-Making

On-demand recording:
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