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Timothy D. Blanton, Director, Navy Crane Center

Director, Navy Crane Center
Official photo of Timothy Blanton, Director, Navy Crane Center

Mr. Timothy (Tim) Blanton is currently serving as the Director of the Navy Crane Center. He joined the Senior Executive Service in June of 2014, following over 30 years of experience with ship modernization, repair, and weight handling program management. The Navy Crane Center reports to the Commander, NAVFACENGCOM, and is responsible for all matters pertaining to the Navy’s weight handling program at Navy shore activities.

Mr. Blanton is a 1981 graduate of North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. Upon graduation, he began his civilian service career at Norfolk Naval Shipyard as a field engineer in the Engineering and Planning Department.

In 1986, Mr. Blanton was promoted to Supervisory Naval Architect in the Submarine Structural Branch of the Engineering and Planning Department where he was directly responsible for all structural aspects of submarine modernization and refurbishment at Norfolk Naval Shipyard. In 1988, Mr. Blanton was promoted to the position of SUBSAFE Program Director. In this position he was responsible for SUBSAFE program oversight and the safe accomplishment of all SUBSAFE work on commissioned Navy submarines at the shipyard.

In 1992, Mr. Blanton was selected as the Crane Program Manager at Norfolk Naval Shipyard. As the Navy’s weight handling program evolved, Mr. Blanton played a key role in the development of a standard organizational structure that became the foundation of the weight handling program at the naval shipyards. In 1998, Mr. Blanton was selected as the first Lifting and Handling Department Director at Norfolk Naval Shipyard, following NAVSEA’s weight handling program restructuring at all naval shipyards.

In 2009, Mr. Blanton was selected as the Director of the Navy Crane Center Representatives (NCCR), Safety and Training Division at Navy Crane Center. Following Navy Crane Center organizational realignment in 2011, Mr. Blanton was assigned as the Director of Operations Oversight for the Navy's weight handling program.


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