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NAVFAC Strategic Design 2016-2019

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Message from the Commander Naval Facilities Engineering Command


The Naval Facilities Engineering Command – NAVFAC – continues to maintain a strong reputation for mission accomplishment in the face of demanding challenges.  In a world that is increasingly complex, we remain ready to provide critical facilities services and expeditionary support to Navy, Marine Corps and Combatant commanders in defense of our nation.  

Our Strategic Design is not a change in direction; rather, it is a sharpening of our strategic focus. “Design” signifies a deliberate change in our approach, acknowledging that the inherent uncertainty of dynamic global and national circumstances requires us to anticipate, manage uncertainty, and continuously assess our course and speed.  Our Strategic Design is aligned with SECNAV and CNO priorities and organized around two Lines of Efforts: (1) Enhancing Naval Shore Readiness and (2) Strengthening our NAVFAC team.  These two Lines of Effort form the foundation of our six Focus Areas.

The undeniable truth of our strategic design is that WE MUST LEAD in an ever more complicated landscape where uncertainty and ambiguity will dominate the course of future events.  This, along with fiscal realities, will drive significant change in how we do business.  Creativity and innovation will take center stage and must permeate our culture - concepts, technologies and business practices - to achieve enduring improvements to our nation’s defense.  We must be ready and we will be ready.  We cannot accomplish this alone.  Our success depends on genuine partnerships and persistent collaboration with our supported commanders, resource sponsors, and industry partners.

To our Supported Commands:  We are here to serve your Sailors and Marines.  We know that you rely on NAVFAC to deliver essential facilities services and expeditionary support that are increasingly efficient and innovative.  We are up to the task and will continue to measure our operational effectiveness through your eyes.

To our People:  The true power of NAVFAC is the devoted and talented people – civilian, military, and contractor – who make up our team.  We are all privileged to work for the U.S. Navy and to have such tremendous opportunities to make a real difference in our nation’s security.  We will continue to serve with the same humble confidence, enthusiasm, and skill that have been the NAVFAC legacy for more than 170 years.  Our success depends on your initiative, creativity and commitment. Enjoy your work, while working hard.  

We have charted a course for success, and will assess, adjust, and take advantage of opportunities as we move forward together. Thank you for all you do every day for NAVFAC, our Navy, and our nation.


Bret J. Muilenburg
Rear Admiral, CEC, U.S. Navy

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