Naval Facilities Engineering Command

Mission | Vision | Core Attributes


MISSION: Why We Exist

NAVFAC is the Naval Shore and Expeditionary Systems Command that plans, builds, and maintains sustainable facilities, delivers environmental, utilities and other base services, and acquires and manages expeditionary combat force systems and equipment.


VISION: To What We Aspire

We are the facilities technical and business experts with the total trust and confidenceof the Navy and Marine Corps.




What we value and expect from individuals and our command


Building on the Navy’s core values, we will use the following core

attributes to guide our decisions and actions.





We do what is right                for the warfighter and our nation.



INTEGRITY is our compass.  We serve our nation with pride, knowing that our values strengthen our team.  We look out for each with dignity and respect, creating an environment where all contribute to our success.  Through our conduct, we gain the trust and confidence of those we serve. 



We own our mission            while pursuing our vision.


ACCOUNTABILITY builds trust and credibility.  We perform our mission, keep commitments, and ensure our actions keep us on course toward our vision.  We are proud to take responsibility and own our results, incessantly seeking more timely, quality, and cost effective products and services for our Supported Commanders




We take charge with teamwork and innovation.



INITIATIVE is the backbone of our success.  We work in the “white space” between cubicles, departments, and commands, selflessly mending together processes and people in order to release our creative thoughts and solutions.  





We overcome challenges with strength and skill.


TOUGHNESS is a measure of our resilience. We prevail because we are prepared and determined.  We advance our technical expertise and ensure we are where and when it matters, in peacetime and crisis.



1322 Patterson Ave. SE, Suite 1000, Washington Navy Yard, D.C. 20374-5065

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