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Inspector General

Mission & Function of the NAVFAC Inspector General

The mission of the NAVFAC's Inspector General (IG) is to act as the "eyes and ears of the Commander" to maintain the morale and well-being of Navy personnel assigned to NAVFAC and its subordinate commands. The IG acts as NAVFAC's focal point for issues relating to U.S. government, DoD and the U.S. Navy and NAVFAC's integrity, efficiency, fraud, waste, and abuse programs. Detection and prevention of inefficiencies, mismanagement, wasteful and abusive practices are among the major functions performed. Other responsibilities include command self-assessments and verification via on-site inspections, hotline and special investigations, audits, command evaluation, management control, and follow-up on these matters for the claimancy.

The inspection process consists of coordination and oversight of a comprehensive, command-wide self-assessment program as a foundation for on-site inspections of subordinate activities. Investigative responsibilities include conducting investigations of non-independent entities and Headquarters allegations, administration of the Hotline Programs within NAVFAC Headquarters and subordinate activities, and conducting special surveys (including fraud surveys), inspections, special inquiries and/or studies as requested by the Commander. The IG is responsible for the Command's internal review process, accomplished through management of the Command Evaluation and Management Control Programs within NAVFAC Headquarters and subordinate activities.


NAVFAC IG Hotline Information

The NAVFAC IG relies on concerned employees and citizens to provide us with information regarding alleged fraud, waste, and mismanagement in NAVFAC. We do understand that you may wish to remain anonymous in submitting an allegation to us. However, your information is most useful to us if we can recontact you by telephone or mail for additional information or, in some cases, if we can interview you personally. Therefore, we encourage you to identify yourself when contacting us. Whether you wish to remain anonymous or provide your identity, the methods used to contact the IG office are: U.S. mail, email, telephone, or Fax.

When sending in a complaint, be as specific as possible. For example, if your complaint concerned an allegation of time and attendance abuse, at a minimum we would need:

  • The employee's full name/phone number
  • Name of employees supervisor/phone, if known
  • Duty station
  • When the employee was absent - specific dates and times
  • Reasons you believe it was misconduct
  • Names of anyone you believe could corroborate your complaint
  • Your name and number (if not submitting anonymously)


Methods of contacting the NAVFAC IG:

Please fill out and send NAVFAC Hotline Intake Form to:

Hotline Phone Number: Comm: 202-685-1833, DSN: 325-1833.


Fax: (202) 685-1480, Attention: Chief Investigator/IG4

Send mail to:
Commander, Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Attn: Chief Investigator, Code IG4
1322 Patterson Ave., SE, Suite 1000
Washington Navy Yard DC 20374-5065

To learn more about filing a complaint with the IG, visit the U.S. Navy IG website at


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1322 Patterson Ave. SE, Suite 1000, Washington Navy Yard, D.C. 20374-5065

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