Naval Facilities Engineering Command

CEC Pay and Benefits


The military paycheck is broken down into Basic Pay, Basic Housing Allowance (BAH), and Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS).

  • Basic Pay is determined by rank and years of service in the military. CEC officer typically promote to LTJG (O2) after 2 years, LT (O3) at 4 years, LCDR (O4) at 11 years, and CDR (O5) at 16 years of service. Additionally, promotions are given at the 2, 3, and 4 years of service and then after every two additional years. Only Basic Pay is subject to taxes.
  • Basic Housing Allowance (BAH) is a tax-free allowance that is given to Military Service Members to pay for housing. BAH varies from location to location based on the local cost of living. It also varies with rank and dependent status.
  • Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) is a tax-free allowance that augments basic pay and is intended to assist with the cost of food. All officers receive the same amount regardless of rank or dependent status. Currently it is $253 per month.
  • Along with promotion and time in service pay raises, Congress may adjust the amount of Basic Pay, BAH, and BAS every year based on inflation costs or housing market considerations. 



  • Leadership and project management experience
  • Relevant experience that will lead to a PE or RA license
  • Job security and advancement opportunities
  • 30 days paid vacation per year plus federal holidays
  • Free medical and dental insurance and affordable insurance for family members through Tricare
  • Thrift Savings Plan: 401K retirement system with 1% government contributions and up to 4% government matching
  • Retire after 20 years of service and receive a pension of 40% of your retiring base pay
  • Post 9/11 GI Bill
  • $400K in basic life insurance (~$30/month)
  • VA home loans
  • Shop at the Commisssary and Exchange on any military base and save an average of 10% on household goods, groceries, and gas
  • All moving costs are always paid for by the Navy plus receive and allowance to pay for incidental costs
  • Free base gyms and activity centers to rent sports equipment for you and your family
  • Military discounts 



Click on this file to see how the CEC pay compares to the civilian sector: 


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