Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command

Eligibility and the Collegiate Program

Minimum Requirements

  • 19-36 years old
  • 2.7 GPA
  • U.S. Citizen
  • Enrolled in or graduated from an ABET-EAC engineering or NAAB architecture degree program


Competitive Candidate

  • Ideal GPA and certifications
    • GPA > 3.1
    • EIT/NCARB/PE/RA a definite plus
  • Extra-curricular activities
    • Campus organizations
    • Intramural or varsity sports
    • Community involvement
  • Employment
    • Part-time job while in school
    • Engineering internships or CO-OPs
  • Character
    • Great leadership potential
    • Communication skills
    • True desire to serve in the CEC


Direct Accession Candidates

Candidates that have already graduated from an eligible degree program can apply at any time.


Collegiate Candidates

Candidates that are within 18-24 months from graduation may be eligible for the Civil Engineer Collegiate Program.

  • Commitment
    • Officer Candidate School and Civil Engineer Corps Officer School (CECOS)
    • 4 years of active duty service plus 4 years inactive reserve
  • Salary
    • Earn an average of $3,938/month (E-3 pay plus housing allowance based on locality) for up to 2 years before graduation
    • Full medical/dental insurance, ID card, military discounts
  • Duties while still in college
    • Maintain GPA and complete a PT test twice per year
    • Adhere to the UCMJ and conduct yourself in a manner befitting a naval officer
    • No uniforms, haircuts, classes, or drilling


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