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Junior and Senior Sailor, Blue Jacket of the Quarter


NAPLES, Italy - Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Europe Africa Southwest Asia (EURAFSWA) released their selections for 2014 Senior Sailor, Junior Sailor and Blue Jacket of the Quarter for the first quarter.

Utilitiesman (UT) 1st Class Jaypee Deguzman from Public Works Department (PWD) Souda Bay, Greece was selected as the Senior Sailor of the Quarter, Builder (BU) 2nd Class Eric Clark from PWD Sigonella, Italy was selected as the Junior Sailor of the Quarter (JSOQ) and Construction Electrician (CE) Constructionman Sylvester Chieng from PWD Bahrain was selected as the Blue Jacket of the Quarter for calendar year 2014.

“This quarter’s selection board was very competitive; therefore each of these Sailors should be extremely proud of their selection,” said Capt. Mike Oestereicher, NAVFAC EURAFSWA executive officer. “The positive impact they are making for their respective Public Works Departments, installations and supported commands is greatly appreciated.”

Deguzman is a facilities operations specialist in Souda Bay, responsible for identification, prioritization, planning and coordination of facility maintenance requirements. He also works outside of his rate as the command career counselor by tracking the careers of more than 37 Sailors. Deguzman implemented a strict physical readiness program as the command fitness leader and mentors junior Sailors on maintaining a healthy, fit lifestyle.  

“The selection of UT1 Deguzman as the SSOQ instills pride in the senior leadership of PWD Souda Bay and is a recognition that is the most deserved by this outstanding Seabee,” said Senior Chief Builder Michael Dunworth, PWD Souda Bay leading chief petty officer. “He has gone above and beyond what is expected as a Petty Officer 1st Class, both with his primary responsibilities and the myriad of collaterals he holds.”

Clark provides facility maintenance, planning and financial management for 10 commands as the facility operations specialist (FOS) for PWD Sigonella. He constructed and designed projects for the Navy Exchange and Naval Air Station Sigonella to mentor junior Sailors and improve base safety. Clark is also the command fitness leader (CFL) for more than 18 personnel and a member of the command training team where he facilitated training for more than 120 Sailors.

“BU2 stands out because he does what he does, not just as FOS but as a petty officer and CFL, effortlessly, calmly, for the right reasons and with a passion for a quality outcome and betterment of the individual and team," said BUC Danny Redman, Clark’s leading chief petty officer. 

“I was proud of his accomplishments last quarter, I was proud of him during the board and I am proud that someone of his caliber is part of our team,” said Senior Chief Steelworker Jeffrey Wright, PWD Sigonella’s senior enlisted leader.

Chieng completed more than 1200 work orders, to include meter readings, installing ballasts and fixtures, and repaired receptacles for maintenance and emergencies for 96 tenant commands in Bahrain. He supervises four civilian electricians and has been influential to his fellow Seabees in signing up for Navy College courses.

“For a very junior Seabee he shows the ability to lead beyond his years,” said CEC Jonathon Heintz, PWD Bahrain’s leading chief petty officer. “The motivation to step out of his duties and take college courses, volunteer at the Bahrain Institute to assist special needs children and compete with numerous command sports teams is what truly sets him apart from the regular wrench turner.”

NAVFAV EURAFSWA executes approximately $600 million-a-year in construction, professional engineering and facilities services for the U.S. Navy, U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and NATO commands in countries throughout Europe, Africa and Southwest Asia where the Navy is the DoD lead agent for military construction.



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