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Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Energy Kicks Off “Energy Biggest Loser”

06/22/16 12:00 AM

The EBL competition, held the month of July, is a Great Green Fleet Shore initiative that demonstrates and re-enforces the Navy's ongoing energy conservation efforts and energy strategy ashore to better support the operational capability of U.S and allied forces. 

“Increasing base resiliency is a top priority for the Secretary of the Navy,” said Bryan. “Navy Region Europe, Africa, Southwest Asia holding its annual Energy Biggest Loser competition supports this goal.” 

Bryan provided support recording two commercial spots with Armed Forces Network to launch the month long EBL competition and announce the winners of the EBL Poster and Video contests. 

The EBL competition among the Region's installations runs July 1-31 and pits one base against the other to see which one can reduce energy use the most during the month. 

While the installations vie against one another for the top prize, the reality is that each base is truly competing against its own prior usage, as the competition compares current energy use to historical energy use. 

“Reducing energy consumption is part of our mission,” said RADM Rick Williamson, commander, Navy Region Europe, Africa, Southwest Asia. “The Region’s responsibility as the inherent capability of the shore enterprise allows U.S. and Allied forces in the Region to maintain the right presence where they are needed, and when they are needed. To help accomplish this we are aiming for a goal of a five percent energy reduction across the Region.” 

CNRE EURAFSWA and NAVFAC EURAFSWA are dedicated to the reduction of energy consumption and increased usage of renewable resources throughout the region. Continuously working to improve the carbon footprint of the region while simultaneously supporting the Great Green Fleet initiative, currently deployed the EURAFSWA area of operations



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