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NAVFAC EURAFSWA supports the U.S. Navy’s commitment to provide safe and reliable drinking water to our service members and their families.  These annual Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs) include general and mandatory information to educate everyone about our water source(s), treatment processes, and standard requirements.

These CCRs provide details about the drinking water quality at Naval Support Activities Naples, Italy, Souda Bay, Greece, and Bahrain; Naval Station Rota, Spain; Naval Air Station Signonella, Italy; Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti; and Naval Support Facility Deveselu, Romania.


NSA Bahrain, Bahrain NAVSTA Rota, Spain

2017 CCR NSA I (English) (Arabic)

2017 CCR NSA II (English) (Arabic)

2017 CCR ISA AB (English)

2017 CCR (English) (Spanish)

NSA Naples, Italy NAS Sigonella, Italy

2017 CCR Capodichino (English) (Italian)

2017 CCR Carney Park (English) (Italian)

2017 CCR Gaeta (English) (Italian)

2017 CCR Gricignano/Support Site (English) (Italian)

2017 CCR Lago Patria/SATCOM (English) (Italian)

2017 CCR Marinai (English) (Italian)

2017 CCR NAS I (English) (Italian)

2017 CCR NAS II (English) (Italian)

2017 CCR Niscemi (English) (Italian)

NSA Souda Bay, Greece Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti

2017 CCR (English) (Greek)

2017 CCR (English)

NSF Deveselu, Romania Future - Redzikowo, Poland

2017 CCR (English) (Romanian)

None available at this time 



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