NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic

Inspections of Oil/Water Separators


The inspection function is conducted to comply with wastewater discharge permits. Currently, this service is provided for the Naval Station and on an as need basis to other facilities in the region. The inspection is recorded and can be used to determine the needed maintenance of the separators. Oil recovery will pump out and clean oil/water separators to maintain good operating conditions of the separators and to maintain compliance with facilities' permits.

If we do not currently perform inspection work for your command and need/or would like us to perform this type of inspection service there are two options:


  1. If it is only a one time request for service of a few separators (less than ten and you do not anticipate an annual requirement) please contact our service desk at (757) 444-7528 to arrange for service.
  2. If your command would like to establish an annual service for routine inspections or you have more than ten separators needing inspection services, please arrange by contacting the Oil Recovery's Technical Specialist.
  3. Funding must be provided by each tenant activity.




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