NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic

Oil Spill Response

The oil spill response service responds to oil spills on water and land for all activities in the Hampton Roads Area except NNSY. They are equipped with skimmers strategically placed at the Norfolk Naval Station, Little Creek Amphibious Base, and Yorktown Naval Weapons Station.

The Norfolk Naval Station is manned from 0700 to 2000 Monday through Friday and supports the Little Creek site. The Naval Weapons Station Monday-Thursday from 0700 to 1730.

From 0700 to 1530 Monday through Friday call the environmental service desk at (757) 444-7528. After 1530 Monday through Friday, on weekends and on holidays, please call the Regional Operations Center (P-1 trouble desk) at (757) 444-3477 or (757) 445-6868.

Please remember to notify your station's Fire Department and your Command's Duty Officer.

Oil recovery can not respond to hazardous spills like flammable liquids (Flash Point less than 140° F) like gasoline, anti-freeze, hazardous greases or hazardous cooking oils. Please contact hazardous waste branch.

Reminder we do not service private shipyards.



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