NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic

Spill Control

For spills all during normal working hours Monday through Friday 0700 until 1530, call the service desk at (757) 444-7528.

For Industrial Waste Treatment Plant Only (24 hours / 365 days/year) call:


  • Craney Island at (757) 322-9219
  • Norfolk Naval Shipyard at (757) 396-1265


For after hours, weekends and holidays call the Regional Operations Center (P-1 trouble desk) at (757) 444-3477 or (757) 445-6868. For policy guidance in the handling of spills in the Hampton Road Area, please contact the NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic Regional Environmental Group's Spill Program Manager.


For information on proposed out year rates, please contact the NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic Norfolk Comptroller at (757) 444-3464.





Spill Response rate is based on the level of effort and is charged as an hourly rate per response personnel. The fee includes handling fees, equipment, vehicles, drums, absorbents, vacuums, and boats. The fee does not include disposal of waste material nor sampling and lab testing. The DRMO disposal costs any sampling and testing costs will be added to the final clean-up costs.

Use the link to the following form to help guide you in collecting information about the spill.

Be prepared to answer as many of the following questions as possible:


  1. Name of Command/Unit Identification Number (UIC) or Ship/Hull Number.
  2. Your name.
  3. Your phone number.
  4. Job Order Number.
  5. Location of spilled material (building, floor, room number, cross streets, ..etc.)? If oil spill on a body of water provide pier or latitude & longitude.
  6. Date and time of discovery.
  7. Who discovered the spill?
  8. What type of material (specify type, fuels/oils are insufficient data) was spilled?
    • Is there a MSDS or Profile available?
    • Do you know the properties of the material (if waste is flammable (Hazardous) call HW?
    • Name of the manufacturer or Stock number
  9. How much volume was spilled? Is this an estimate? How big an area is contaminated? Did spilled debris soak into ground?
  10. What operations were being conducted at the time of the spill that maybe related? For example, notice fuel in water while refueling ship with type 2 Diesel Fuel.
  11. Has the spill been secured (Valves closed, container turned to prevent leak, etc.)?
  12. Are there any injuries?
  13. Is there any property damage?
  14. What caused the spill?
  15. Is spill by, near or on a body of water?
  16. Is there a storm drain nearby? If so, has the storm drain been diked or covered to prevent waste materials from entering drain?
  17. Have samples been taken? Were the samples taken to the lab? If so what lab?
  18. Are their any field test results that can be reported such as pH?
  19. Have you contacted your Fire Department? Command Duty Officer? Environmental Site Manager?


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