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Please come back regularly, as we are in the process of updating and adding position descriptions for you to be able to determine in which jobs you might be interested and
for which you qualify.





USAJOBS: To see all current NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic job postings on USAJOBS! You can also go to USAJOBS.GOV and type in the keyword 'NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic.' To apply, follow the USAJOBS website requirements.


* Responsibilities/Duties, Qualifications, and Conditions of Employment may vary depending on the organization and grade-
   level, but basic requirements for certain positions will stay the same.
* Applicants must meet the following Basic Requirements of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Qualifications 
   Standards Manual and documents must be submitted to support these education requirements.
* Not all positions may be available at all locations.

Engineering and Architecture:                                    Environmental/Physical Sciences:

Architect                                                                          Environmental Protection Assistant (Entry Level)
Community Planner                                                        Environmental Protection Specialist (Mid-Level)                
Civil Engineer / Structural Engineer                                Environmental Engineer 
Construction Manager                                                    Geographer 
Electrical Engineer                                                         Geographic Information Information Sys (GIS) Specialist
Environmental Engineer                                                 Geologist
Fire Protection Engineer                                                 Natural Resources Specialist
Mechanical Engineer                                                      Physical Scientist
Engineering Technician                                           

Other STEM Position Descriptions

** Basic Requirements for Engineering Positions, except for Engineering Technicians

Administrative, Management, and Professional:

Contract Specialist
Financial Management Specialist
Information Technology Specialist
Realty Specialist

* Opportunities for Recent and Upcoming Grad, please click here.*

General Schedule Qualification Standards (By Position Title):

OPM General Schedule (GS) Locality Pay Tables
OPM General Schedule Virginia Beach-Norfolk, VA - Pay Table
OPM Special Rate Table 0414 (For most Engineers and Architects)
OPM Special Rate Table 0422 (Electrical Engineers)

Skilled Trades (Federal Wage System):

Air Conditioning Equipment Mechanic
Boiler Plant Operator
Boiler Plant Equipment Mechanic
Electrician (Facilities)
Electrician (Utilities)
Electronic Industrial Controls Mechanic
Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanic
High Voltage Electrician
Plumber (Pipefitter)

Applicants must meet the requirements of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Job Qualification System for Trades and Labor Occupations (X-118C). Additional qualification information can be found at:

Federal Wage System for Norfolk-Portsmouth-Newport News, VA





If you are applying to an announcement on USAJOBS.GOV, please follow the instructions on how to apply found on bottom of the announcement. 

Please email your résumé to

  • Do not email any documents with personable identification information (PII) such as SSN or Birthdate. (Please delete any PII from your documents, if you choose to do so). If you are selected, your Human Resources Office will ask for documents for proof of current government employment, veteran status, etc..., if applicable.
  • List up to four positions, in which you are interested and qualify for, and location preference (state ALL if more than three)
To confirm your eligibility for the position, you may be asked to provide supplemental documents such as driver's license,  college transcripts, DD-214, certifications, or professional licenses if you are selected. 

NOTE: All documents will be purged 90 days after receipt.

** When submitting your documents:

  • REMOVE any PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION (PII), such as social security number, date of birth, etc.;
  • Limit your file size to 4MB;
  • REMOVE any pictures of yourself;
  • We accept Microsoft Word (.doc), MS Publisher (.pub), MS Power Point (.ppt), Text files (.txt.), PDFs, and JPEGs. Any documents from Google Docs or resumes stored at any other Cloud Based program might not be accessible due to our Firewall.
  • Your application will not be accepted if any PII is in the documents. The hiring managers and/or HRO will request further documentation upon selection.



Equal Opportunity Employer: The U.S. Navy is an Equal Opportunity Employer and all candidates for positions and career development are considered without discrimination. Leaders, managers and supervisors ensure that individuals are judged solely on the basis of merit and ability and with respect for the differences that make us stronger as a team.

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