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PWD Maine

Our Mission: The Naval Shore Facilities, Base Operating Support & Expeditionary Engineering Systems Command that delivers lifecycle technical & acquisition solutions aligned to Fleet & Marine Corps priorities.

Our Vision: We are the Naval Forces’ trusted facilities & expeditionary experts enabling overwhelming Fleet & Marine Corps lethality.

What We Do – Products & Services:

FACILITIES MAINTENANCE DIVISION (FMD) serves as the point of work generation for the installation & provides management of real property (land, facilities, & utilities).The FMD includes:

• Requirements Branch

    - Manage the Work Induction Board (WIB), work input & customer funds
    - Develop maintenance Integrated Priority Lists (IPL): Long-Range Maintenance Plans, Maintenance Action Plans &
      Maintenance Execution Plans
    - Develop preliminary scope & rough order of magnitude cost estimates
    - Provide facilities management functions for assigned facilities & customer interface through FM Specialist in accordance
      with the current CNIC Operations Plan and/or other supported commander memorandum of agreements
    - Maintain Facility Readiness Evaluation System & conduct Infrastructure Condition Assessment Programs functions
    - Manage the Installation Asbestos Program
    - Develop Facilities Sustainment (FS) Preventive Maintenance requirements

• Asset Management (AM) Branch

    - Produce activity-level 1391s & project documentation & link the Installation’s CNIC IPL in Internet Navy Facilities
      Asset Data Store (iNFADS)
    - Develop Basic Facilities Requirement, Asset Evaluations & Facility Planning Documents
    - Provide space management services
    - Conduct community liaison & encroachment planning, through a Community Planning & Liaison Officer (CPLO),
       to mitigate encroachment & promote readiness
    - Provide Real Property Inventory Reporting & Financial Improvement & Audit Readiness (FIAR) support through
      Real Property Accountable Officer (RPAO)
    - Identify & coordinate real estate requirements including Encroachment Partnering (EP)/Enhanced Use Lease (EUL)
    - Maintain the Installation Geospatial Information & Services (IGI&S)
    - Support installation master planning & prepare site plans
    - Assess & make recommendations for real property utilization (land & facilities)


FACILITIES ENGINEERING & ACQUISITION DIVISION (FEAD) provides engineering & acquisition expertise to address facility & service related requirements. This expertise includes engineering design, consultation, statement of work development, contract award & project management. The FEAD includes:

• Project Management & Engineering Branch

    - Develop packages for Category I-II projects
    - Perform project & design management for Category I & II projects
    - Provide engineering consultations, support, design, & technical expertise
    - Provide construction management, including safety compliance, quality assurance (QA) & cost & schedule control
    - Serve as Contracting Officer’s Authorized Representative (COAR)/Contracting Officer Representative (COR)

• Acquisition (ACQ) Branch

    - Perform Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO) functions
    - Perform Procuring Contracting Officer (PCO) functions for local awards
    - Facility Support Contracts (FSC) Branch provide technical lead & management of PWD FSC requirements
    - Prepare FSC Performance Work Statements (PWS), specifications & modifications
    - Perform FSC/COR Performance Assessment Representative (PAR)
    - Deliver packages for category III/IV construction projects except for large PWDs, where a separate category III &
      IV projects branch is needed
    - Manage Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) which includes Qualified Recycling Program


PRODUCTION DIVISION is responsible for delivering PW P&S with in-house workforces. The Production Division includes:

• FS Branch

   - Provide facilities maintenance P&S to include emergency/urgent/routine service calls, recurring preventive maintenance
     & project work

• Utilities Services Branch

   - Provide utilities operations & maintenance, budget & billing & fuels management

• Transportation Branch

   - Manage inventory of Government vehicles, vehicle maintenance & operations & General Services Administration (GSA)          rental coordination
   - Maintain & operate Weight Handling Equipment (WHE) & heavy equipment

• Self-Help 

   - Enable installation tenants to self-perform simple maintenance tasks & minor projects


EV DIVISION is responsible for managing the installation EV program including compliance, services, planning and conservation. Responsible for EV Management System implementation & assessments. The Installation Environmental Programs Director (IEPD) reports directly to the PWO. The IEPD has both NAVFAC & CNIC responsibilities & reports directly to the ICO on EV issues posing a significant risk. The EV Division includes:

• EV Services Branch

   - Identify, collect & dispose of hazardous waste
   - Collect & treat waste water & industrial waste water at limited locations
   - Clean & maintain oil water separators & storm drains at limited locations
   - Conduct laboratory sampling & testing of water, air, wastes, or unknown materials
   - Provide oversight for pest management & spill response

• EV Compliance Branch

   - Manage installation EV compliance programs, complete permits & responsible for EV reporting
   - Complete audits through the EV Management System (EMS)
   - Provide EV technical support to other PWD branches when needed

• EV Planning & Conservation Branch

   - Conduct EV planning & manage all natural & cultural resources


RESIDENT OFFICER IN CHARGE OF CONSTRUCTION (ROICC) offices are forward deployed elements of FECs, providing construction & service contract awards & oversight. ROICC offices are funded with GF & staffed & resourced to provide NAVFAC construction & acquisition P&S. ROICC offices exist at USMC, Air Force & Army installations & at other DoD & Non-DoD locations. The ROICC is a warranted CEC officer, reporting through the Operations chain of command, who is accountable for P&S delivery, supported command interface & P&S delivery. The ROICC has two divisions.

• Construction Management

   - Provide construction management, including safety compliance, QA & cost & schedule control
   - Provide engineering consultations, support, design, & technical expertise
   - Serve as COAR/COR

• Acquisition

   - Provide ACO functions & PCO functions for local awards


Areas of Responsibility:

• NAVSOC Prospect Harbor
• SERE Rangeley
• Great Pond OAC
• NOSC Plainville
• NOSC Bangor
• NOSC Quincy
• NOSC White River Junction
• NOSC New York City
• NOSC Schenectady, NY
• NOSC Syracuse, NY
• NOSC Buffalo, NY
• DFAS Rome, NY
• DFAS Limestone

Additional Clients:
New England Region - U. S. General Services Administration – GSA Boston, MA
Navy Clothing & Textile Research Facility (NCTRF) - Natick, MA



Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
Building 59/Floor 2
Portsmouth, NH 03804

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