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Welcome to PWD New London

Mission Statement:

Safely deliver quality, timely, and effective products & services that enable the fleet’s mission success.


What We Do – Products & Services:


• Requirements Branch

    - Manage facilities maintenance requirements
    - Control work order receipt and execution through Maximo
    - Create project developments
    - Manage and implement the maintenance and execution plan
    - Carry out government purchase card actions
    - Asbestos management program

• Asset Management Branch

    - Prepare Asset Evaluations
    - Prepare Basic Facility Requirements & Facility Planning Documents
    - Prepare 1391s & supporting documents for MILCONs, Special Projects & locally awarded projects greater than $750K
    - Prepare and maintain Installation Development Plan

• Installation Energy Manager

    - Provide Energy/water conservation awareness and training
    - Develop energy/water security and conservation projects



• Project Management & Engineering Branch

    - Develop project packages
    - Prepare design management and requests for proposal 
    - Provide construction management, including safety compliance, quality assurance, and cost and schedule control. 
     - Issue and negotiate contract modifications

• Contracting Branch

    - Solicit and advertise contracts: Construction, Facilities Support Services, and Architect & Engineering (Pre-award) ≤ $5M
    - Award contracts (up to $5M)
    - Administer contracts from solicitation to close-out. 

• Facility Support Contract Branch

    - Janitorial service contracting
    - Grounds maintenance services contracting
    - Maintenance and repair services for HVAC, emergency generators, elevators, boilers, compressors, and automatic doors
    - Contract specification writing and modifications
    - Cat 3 & 4 project planning and estimating
    - Contractor safety oversight



• Facilities Services Branch

    - Respond to service calls- Emergency/Urgent/Routine (300/1,000/3,000 per year)
    - Perform equipment preventative maintenance (1,000 per year)
    - Execute Projects (150 per year)

• Utilities Services Branch

    - Electrical and steam generation
    - Pure water production
    - Oily waste treatment facility
    - Submarine shore power support (connects/disconnects)
    - Off base housing sewer/ water repairs and maintenance
    - Pier air compressor maintenance

• Transportation Branch

    - Provide crane & rigging services to waterfront operations
    - Provide heavy mobile equipment operations
    - Maintain and repair Navy transportation assets 
    - Perform construction services
    -  Lease vehicles (cars, trucks and busses) 



• Compliance

    - Air emissions, storm water quality, and wastewater permits and requirements
    - Drinking water quality monitoring
    - Environmental awareness/training
    - Spill prevention control & countermeasures
    - Tank management and requirements
    - Facilities response and internal contingency planning
    - Hazardous waste disposal 
    - Asbestos abatement regulatory notifications
    - Foreign food waste management

• Conservation & Planning

    - Natural & cultural resource management and preservation
    - Recreational hunting and fishing management
    - Nuisance wildlife response & pest control
    - National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
    - Invasive species management and control

• Restoration Program Support

    - Site investigation, remediation, and monitoring
    - Land use controls management and compliance


Areas of Responsibility:

• NAVSUBASE New London (Groton, CT)
• Navy Housing (Groton, CT)
• Conning Towers
• Dolphin Gardens
• Nautilus Park
• Polaris Park
• Trident Park
• Mitchel Field (Garden City, NY)
• NSA Saratoga Springs (Saratoga Springs, NY)



Naval Submarine Base New London
Building 135, Grayling Avenue
Groton CT 06349-5400

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1322 Patterson Ave. SE, Suite 1000, Washington Navy Yard, D.C. 20374-5065

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