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PWD Portsmouth

PWD Portsmouth
Photo: Original 16 acres, north end of the shipyard. Established in 1767.

Mission Statement:

We are the Naval Shore Facilities, Base Operating Support & Expeditionary Engineering Systems Command that delivers technical and acquisition capabilities to Supported Commanders within Navy Region Mid-Atlantic. We link the shore to the platforms.

As a trusted and dominant engineering team, we are disciplined, agile and responsive. We operate with purpose and urgency. We do not waver in our dedication and accountability to our stakeholders, employees and our families. People seek to join the MIDLANT team.


What We Do – Products & Services:

FACILITIES MAINTENANCE DIVISION (FMD) serves as the point of work generation for the installation & provides management of real property (land, facilities, & utilities).The FMD includes:

• Requirements Branch

    -  Manage the Work Induction Board (WIB), work input & customer funds
    -  Develop maintenance Integrated Priority Lists (IPL): Long-Range Maintenance Plans, Maintenance Action Plans &
       Maintenance Execution Plans
    -  Develop preliminary scope & rough order of magnitude cost estimates
    -  Provide facilities management functions for assigned facilities & customer interface through FM Specialist in accordance
       with the current CNIC Operations Plan and/or other supported commander memorandum of agreements
    -  Maintain Facility Readiness Evaluation System & conduct Infrastructure Condition Assessment Programs functions
    -  Manage the Installation Asbestos Program
    -  Develop Facilities Sustainment (FS) Preventive Maintenance requirements

• Asset Management (AM) Branch

    - Produce activity-level 1391's & project documentation & link the Installation’s CNIC IPL in Internet Navy Facilities Asset
      Data Store (iNFADS)
    - Develop Basic Facilities Requirement, Asset Evaluations & Facility Planning Documents Provide space
      management services
    - Conduct community liaison & encroachment planning, through a Community Planning & Liaison Officer (CPLO), to
      mitigate encroachment & promote readiness
    - Provide Real Property Inventory Reporting & Financial Improvement & Audit Readiness (FIAR) support through
    - Real Property Accountable Officer (RPAO)
    - Identify & coordinate real estate requirements including Encroachment Partnering (EP)/Enhanced Use Lease (EUL)
    - Maintain the Installation Geospatial Information & Services (IGI&S)
    - Support installation master planning & prepare site plans
    - Assess & make recommendations for real property utilization (land & facilities)


FACILITIES ENGINEERING & ACQUISITION DIVISION (FEAD) provides engineering & acquisition expertise to address facility & service related requirements. This expertise includes engineering design, consultation, statement of work development, contract award & project management. The FEAD includes:

• Project Management & Engineering Branch

    - Develop packages for Category I & II projects
    - Perform project & design management for Category I & II projects
    - Provide engineering consultations, support, design & technical expertise
    - Provide construction management, including safety compliance, quality assurance (QA) & cost and schedule control
    - Serve as Contracting Officer’s Authorized Representative (COAR)/Contracting Officer Representative (COR)

• Acquisition (ACQ) Branch

    - Perform Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO) functions
    - Perform Procuring Contracting Officer (PCO) functions for local awards
    - Facility Support Contracts (FSC) Branch provide technical lead & management of PWD FSC requirements
    - Prepare FSC Performance Work Statements (PWS), specifications & modifications
    - Perform FSC/COR Performance Assessment Representative (PAR)
    - Deliver packages for category III/IV construction projects except for large PWDs, where a separate category III & IV
      projects branch as needed
    - Manage Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM), which includes Qualified Recycling Program


PRODUCTION DIVISION is responsible for delivering PW P&S with in-house workforces. The Production Division includes:

• FS Branch

   - Provide facilities maintenance P&S to include emergency/urgent/routine service calls, recurring preventive maintenance
     & project work

• Utilities Services Branch

   - Provide utilities operations & maintenance, budget & billing & fuels management

• Transportation Branch

   - Manage inventory of Government vehicles, vehicle maintenance & operations & General Services Administration (GSA)
     rental coordination
   - Maintain & operate Weight Handling Equipment (WHE) & heavy equipment

• Self-Help 

   - Enable installation tenants to self-perform simple maintenance tasks & minor projects


EV DIVISION is responsible for managing the installation EV program including compliance, services, planning and conservation. Responsible for EV Management System implementation & assessments. The Installation Environmental Programs Director (IEPD) reports directly to the PWO. The IEPD has both NAVFAC & CNIC responsibilities & reports directly to the ICO on EV issues posing a significant risk. The EV Division includes:

• EV Services Branch

   - Identify, collect & dispose of hazardous waste
   - Collect & treat waste water & industrial waste water at limited locations
   - Clean & maintain oil water separators & storm drains at limited locations
   - Conduct laboratory sampling & testing of water, air, wastes, or unknown materials
   - Provide oversight for pest management & spill response

• EV Compliance Branch

   - Manage installation EV compliance programs, complete permits & responsible for EV reporting
   - Complete audits through the EV Management System (EMS)
   - Provide EV technical support to other PWD branches when needed

• EV Planning & Conservation Branch

   - Conduct EV planning & manage all natural & cultural resources


RESIDENT OFFICER IN CHARGE OF CONSTRUCTION (ROICC) offices are forward deployed elements of FECs, providing construction & service contract awards & oversight. ROICC offices are funded with GF & staffed & resourced to provide NAVFAC construction & acquisition P&S. ROICC offices exist at USMC, Air Force & Army installations & at other DoD & Non-DoD locations. The ROICC is a warranted CEC officer, reporting through the Operations chain of command, who is accountable for P&S delivery, supported command interface & P&S delivery. The ROICC has two divisions.

• Construction Management

   - Provide construction management, including safety compliance, QA & cost and schedule control
   - Provide engineering consultations, support, design & technical expertise
   - Serve as COAR/COR

• Acquisition

   - Provide ACO functions & PCO functions for local awards


Areas of Responsibility:

• Norfolk Naval Shipyard Main site
• Scott Center Annex
• St. Juliens Creek Annex
• South Gate Annex
• Paradise Creek Annex
• New Gosport Family Housing
• Stanley Court Housing
• NEX Distribution Center, Suffolk VA

Main Tenants:


Additional Clients:
• Portsmouth Naval Medical Center
• Craney Island



Norfolk Naval Shipyard
Building 1500/Floor 5
Portsmouth, VA 23709

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