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Message from the Commander, Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command

The Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command continues to be a critical contributor to our Nation, our Supported Commands, and our Sailors and Marines.

The challenges facing us are rapidly growing in scope, scale and pace.  Our ability to learn and adapt to achieve maximum possible performance during this period of Great Power Competition will serve to focus our efforts.  In releasing our NAVFAC Strategic Design 2.0, I am counting on your full support to build on the NAVFAC legacy of delivering facility, construction, expeditionary, acquisition and business solutions.  We will measure our effectiveness and achievements through the eyes of the Fleet and Marine Corps.

This Design is aligned with the National Defense Strategy, the CNO's Design for Maritime Superiority 2.0 and the Marine Corps Operating Concept.  The framework provides both continuity of effort and new direction that will make our command stronger.  It identifies our contributions to maintaining the maritime superiority that is so vital to our prosperity as a Nation.  Our strategy is built around three Lines of Effort (LOE): 

  1. Enable Warfighter Lethality
  2. Maximize Naval Shore Readiness
  3. Strengthen our SYSCOM Team

The goals and initiatives developed in support of our LOEs are aimed on harnessing the power of the digital age and analytics to be agile, more predictive, more effective and more innovative.  Forging strong alliances and partnerships with industry will be a priority as we place a laser focus on moving our execution needle to the left, while keeping a constant eye on quality, financial stewardship, auditability and accountability.

 In today's increasingly complex environment of uncertainty with Great Power Competition,  SPEED and AGILITY are the two distinguishing characteristics that will define us a as a SYSCOM Team.  SPEED in delivery of our products and services as well as our internal decision-making process.  AGILITY in being able to respond to any unplanned event and quickly change direction without impacting mission performance or losing momentum.  SPEED and AGILITY must always be at the forefront of our efforts.

To our Supported Commands:  We are here to serve our Sailors and Marines; focused on improving our performance, and committed to directing our energy and resources on YOUR mission priorities.  Leading with integrity, trust and transparency is an absolute.  Our success will be gauged through your lens.

To our People:  Your initiative, technical expertise and steadfast dedication are the underlying reason for NAVFAC's success.  Attracting, developing, and retaining an inclusive and diverse talented workforce across all functions of our enterprise remains a priority.  We must also continue to work together in fortifying NAVFAC's unity of effort and propelling execution.  Each of us has the opportunity to provide leadership, drive greater performance, and make a difference for our Nation.  Thank you for all you do every day in service to our Navy and Marine Corps, and in defense of our Nation.

We have outlined our course and speed and will adjust as necessary to address emerging priorities and opportunities as we proceed.  We are privileged to be part of the Navy and Marine Corps Team and I am honored to serve alongside you.

John Korka
Rear Admiral, CEC, U.S. Navy

strategic design 2.0

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