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Seabees and CEC Officers Have a Ball!
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Public Works Department Corpus Christi employee retires
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NAVFAC Southeast recognizes STAR performance
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NAVFAC Southeast Celebrates 171-Year Navy Heritage

NAVFAC Southeast Celebrates 171-Year Navy Heritage

08/30/13 12:00 AM

Jacksonville, Fla. – On August 31, the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) will mark 171 years of providing facilities engineering expertise to support the mission readiness of Navy and Marine Corps commanders.

The 13th Secretary of the Navy, Abel P. Upshur, officially established NAVFAC's predecessor, the Bureau of Naval Yards and Docks in 1842, to execute the design, construction and maintenance of Navy yards and a few other shore stations around the eastern seaboard of the United States. Eventually the Bureau and its responsibilities would grow into the global enterprise known as NAVFAC, which was officially established in May 1966.

"I could not be more proud of our history and what our NAVFAC team, around the world, is accomplishing today for our supported commanders, the joint warfighter and their families," said NAVFAC Commander and Chief of Civil Engineers Rear Adm. Kate Gregory. "We are fortunate to have an exemplary team of Civil Engineer Corps officers, Seabees and NAVFAC civilians, along with our contractor partners, who are on the job ―24/7― building and maintaining sustainable facilities, delivering utilities and services, and providing Navy expeditionary combat force capabilities to Navy and Marine Corps commanders wherever and whenever needed."

With 16 commands located in the United States, Europe, Southwest Asia and the Far East, NAVFAC is the Navy systems command that delivers and maintains high-quality, sustainable facilities for the Navy and Marine Corps, acquires and manages capabilities for the Navy's expeditionary combat forces, and enables energy security and environmental stewardship around the globe.

NAVFAC's signature is visible on every Navy and Marine Corps installation. Nearly every pier, runway, building, gymnasium, barracks, road, utility plant, and other facilities on shore has been constructed or acquired by NAVFAC.
NAVFAC Southeast supports 22 Navy, Marine Corps and U.S. Air Force installations from South Carolina to Texas and down to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The command's team of planning, construction, facilities services, and acquisition subject matter experts executed more than $2 billion throughout the southeast.
“I am proud to be a part of such an exceptional group,” said NAVFAC Southeast Commanding Officer and Regional Engineer Capt. Christopher Kiwus. “Our great heritage continues through our civilians, military members and contractors as they support the Sailors and Marines as they work and train to protect our nation.”
NAVFAC's Public Works Departments respond to facilities service and emergency calls in a demanding 24/7 environment. This critical work is a vital enabler for what takes place daily on bases around the world.
NAVFAC Southeast has established a Regional Call Center (RCC) in Jacksonville to serve installations in the southeast.

“The Regional Call Center is improving efficiency by regionalizing work reception into a single location,” said NAVFAC Southeast Acting Public Works Business Line Coordinator Kevin Roye. “Data integrity will also be improved with a new consistent approach and increased quality control throughout the region.”

Delivering sustainable and cost-effective solutions is increasingly important in the austere fiscal environment our nation is facing. Last year, in support of the Secretary of the Navy's ambitious energy goals to help achieve energy security and efficiency throughout the Navy, NAVFAC helped supported commanders in the

Navy and Marine Corps reduce energy consumption by nearly 20 percent, and increase the Navy's total production or procurement of renewable energy to more than 1.5 million megawatt hours of electricity.
NAVFAC's Small Business program is second to none. NAVFAC continues to exceed all government-wide program goals and targets, with an average 48 percent of the total dollars awarded and more than 25,000 contracts going to small businesses.

“We have an amazing team that is committed to choose small businesses as the first option for our contracting requirements,” said NAVFAC Southeast Small Business Manager Nelson Smith.

NAVFAC experts provide engineering reach-back support to war fighters, as well as response and recovery support for natural disasters like earthquakes. In response to Hurricane Isaac in 2012, NAVFAC sent a Contingency Engineering Response Team (CERT) made up of 17 military and civilian personnel to Naval Station Gulfport and Naval Air Station-Joint Reserve Base New Orleans to help in recovery efforts.
This area is especially important because the southeastern United States is prone to hurricanes and other natural disasters.

“This dynamic team of professional architects, engineers, construction, and acquisition specialists is made up of an all volunteer team and are ready to deploy anywhere in the United States within 48 hours,” explained NAVFAC Southeast Contingency Engineer Officer Cmdr. Kenneth Vargas. These teams provide immediate critical damage assessment data, all this with the goal of getting the affected installation back to fully mission operational status as quickly as possible.”

NAVFAC also provides supported commanders with environmental expertise, such as installation restoration, environmental compliance, and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) planning and coordination.


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