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NAVFAC Atlantic Announces Top Teams for 2015

06/09/16 12:00 AM

NORFOLK, Va. -- Two teams were honored May 31 as winners of the 2015 Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Atlantic team awards.

Rear Adm. Lou Cariello, Commander, NAVFAC Atlantic, endorsed selection committee recommendations for the teams’ superlative efforts during 2015, noting the stiff competition for top honors year after year. 

“We have a lot of talent to choose from among the professionals here and they adhere to goals we’ve set forth,” said Cariello.  “They lead the way.”

Process Improvement Team of the Year

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus stablished a goal for DON to produce or procure 1,000 megawatts, or one gigawatt (GW), of renewable energy by 2015. Naval Facilities Engineering Command Headquarter (NAVFAC HQ) Renewable Energy Program Office (REPO) stood up in May 2014, providing governance and execution oversight of this mission. In June 2014, HQ REPO stood up three other REPO offices at NAVFAC Atlantic, NAVFAC Pacific and NAVFAC Southwest. Immediately, LANT REPO established a high performing team, led by Public Works and supported by other Business Lines, Support Lines, FECs and Installations.

This team showed exceptional leadership, helping meet the SECNAV's goal and the Department of the Navy (DON) achieve the one GW renewable energy goal several years ahead of schedule. The REPO implemented groundbreaking processes to develop renewable energy opportunities on DON Installations and leverage the expertise of the commercial sector to develop projects that advance DON interests and bolster energy security. The NAVFAC Atlantic REPO team worked on more than 20 viable projects across several Facilities Engineering Commands totaling more than 500 MW, or half the goal.

Product and Service Team of the Year

NAS Grottaglie is the home of Italian naval aviation and the only Italian naval air station in Italy.  It is responsible for the shore-based training of their AV-8B Harrier pilots and hosts joint exercises with the U.S. Marine AV-8B Air Wings. Because the NAS Grottaglie runway was producing foreign object debris (FOD) at a high rate, the Italian Navy could no longer fly or train with their AV-8B Harrier aircraft.

The Grottaglie Airfield team determined a specialized asphalt sealcoat would be the best solution given the constraints. Funding, contracting, planning and executing an urgent repair to a foreign airfield is an extremely complicated proposition, requiring the capabilities of multiple Business Lines.

The team’s program analyst worked with Facilities Management as well as U.S. Naval Air Systems Command and the Italian Navy to work out the funding constraints, determining how to best fund the project. The acquisition group went through the full array of contracting methods to award the project as quickly as possible, and worked with legal and the technical team to put appropriate contracting vehicles. The technical team wrote the specifications and developed plans to complete the project, and since there is no NAVFAC Public Works Department with a Facilities Engineering and Acquisition Division located on or near the base, the team administered the contract and provided on-site construction oversight throughout the construction operations.  From start to finish, the team turned over a refurbished runway to the Italian Navy in less than five months. 


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