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Regional Biosecurity Plan for Micronesia and Hawaii

Welcome to the Department of the Navy's website on the Regional Biosecurity Plan for Micronesia and Hawaii!

Mission Statement

The concept of the Regional Biosecurity Plan (RBP) is visionary in its scope. The transfer of invasive species or invasive alien species (IAS) to the Pacific region and within the region is real, ongoing, and an increasing problem that must be addressed. The spatial scale for this plan is extremely broad, encompassing most of Micronesia and the archipelago of Hawaii. The plan attempts to cover the broadest possible extent of habitats and taxonomic groups including terrestrial, freshwater, and marine systems. This overall approach is unprecedented due to the broad geographic and taxonomic scope, as well as inclusion of multiple countries and cultures.

This plan was prepared in conjunction with representatives from various countries at various levels including federal/national, state/territory/commonwealth, industry, and non-governmental organizations and was funded by the Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) and Headquarters, Marine Corps.

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