NAVFAC Far East Helping to Create an Energy-Resilient Navy

10/01/18 12:46 AM

This year’s theme is “Energy Resilience = Mission Success,” with a focus on being able to complete the Navy’s mission even if there is a disturbance to shore power supplies.


“Just as energy security and conservation factor into every project we undertake, all installation tenants and residents should factor in how their energy usage contributes to the mission of the United Sates Navy,” said NAVFAC Far East Commanding Officer Capt. Mike Kenney. “Using energy judiciously is a good thing to do, but we need to also think in terms of how it affects the warfighter and operations at sea.”


In 2018, NAVFAC Far East upgraded lighting and plumbing fixtures at Naval Air Facility (NAF) Atsugi, and Naval Support Facility Diego Garcia. Along with improving quality of life, the projects will save 3,300 MBtu (Million British Thermal Units) each year.


Looking forward, the command is managing a $76 million project which will improve energy facilities at Fleet Activities Sasebo, Fleet Activities Yokosuka and NAF Atsugi. Residents at the three installations will also receive upgraded lighting and plumbing fixtures which will reduce electricity and water usage.

 “Navy Region Japan installations are executing large-scale projects to upgrade facilities with more efficient equipment in order to achieve resiliency and reliability, but we need everyone's help,” said Cari Schroeder, Regional Energy Program Manager. “Energy Action Month is a great opportunity to remind the base tenants and residents what they can do to play a part in protecting the mission.”

Throughout the month, NAVFAC Far East public works departments will host events to educate installation tenants and residents about what they can do to contribute to energy resiliency. Through changes in individual habits and large scale projects, installations from Diego Garcia to Japan are joining the U.S. Navy in reducing energy consumption by 40 percent in 2020, from a 2003 baseline.


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