Public Works Department Yokosuka Wins Environmental Excellence Award

09/25/18 12:30 AM


PWD Sasebo took second place in the category.

“This is a testament to the continued outstanding Natural and Cultural Resources Program here at CFAY,” said Public Works Officer Cmdr. Jason Wood. “Innovative work and coordination ensure that the U.S. military is a good steward of the resources entrusted to us by the Government of Japan.”

The Natural and Cultural Resources Program is mandated to protect endangered species’ habitats and preserve historic assets. Due to limited funding, program managers often have to think outside the box and partner with host nation agencies such as the City of Zushi and the Yokosuka Board of Education. 

“The collaboration starts with a commitment to maintaining Japan's rich natural sanctuary and historic fabric as we support the Seventh Fleet mission," said Environmental Program Director Krystle McClain.

Last year PWD Sasebo conducted the first large-scale comprehensive multi-species terrestrial biological survey. The environmental team and NAVFAC Pacific archaeologists collaborated with the Sasebo City and Saikai City Board of Education (BOE) on cultural resources surveys to finish mapping all of the cultural resource sites at the Harioshima Munition, Iorizaki and Yokose Fuel Depot areas.


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