FY20 NAVFAC Hawaii Mandatory Training


The command has provided various methods of accomplishing employee mandatory training requirement for FY20. Training format could be video, powerpoint, or pdf.

View Mandatory Training List (pg 2)

Our primary training location is TWMS at However, if you are unable to access training via TWMS, there are other options for you to complete your training.

  • NAVFAC Hawaii Intranet (Portal BD17 Webpage): Use your NMCI computer and CAC. Go to the BD17 webpage and scroll down to the TWMS Mandatory Training PDFs.    PDF version of training ONLY. 
  • NAVFAC Hawaii Share DriveUse your NMCI computer and CAC. Copy the following link and paste into the network folder on your NMCI computer \\naweprlhfs101v\cs006$\NAVFACHI_H\BD1\BD1-Shared\Onboarding\Day 2 Onboarding Training     Videos & PDFs available.
  • NAVFAC Hawaii Public Website: Use any computer (no CAC needed). Go to the command's public website and go to the training webpage.    PDF version of training ONLY.
    • > FY20 Active Shooter - pdf
    • > FY20 Combating Trafficking in Persons (CTIP) General Awareness - pdf
    • > FY20 DON Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Refresher (SAPR) - pdf
    • > FY20 NAVFAC Fraud Awareness - pdf
    • > FY20 Notification & Federal Employee Anti-Discrimination and Retaliation Act (No Fear Act) - pdf
    • > FY20 Operations Security (OPSEC) - pdf
    • > FY20 Prevention of Sexual Harassment - pdf
    • > FY20 Privacy and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Awareness - pdf 
    • > FY20 Records Management - pdf
    • > FY20 Security Refresher - pdf
    • > FY20 Workplace Violence Prevention - pdf


  • Automatic Certification: If you complete your training via TWMS, your training records will automatically be updated.
  • Self-Certification: If you complete your training via Intranet (Portal, Commands Internal Website), Internet (Command Public Website) or Command's Shared Drive, you will need to Self-Certify in order to get credit for the training. Use the Mandatory Self Certification Form and send the completed form to your supervisor. Supervisors will review certification form and forward to Andrea McClendon. >> Either watching the video or reviewing the PDF is sufficient to receive credit. You do not need to do both. <<

Download Mandatory Training Self-Certification Form

Note: The Portal can be accessed without VPN which makes it ideal for telework with a slow connection.

Remember: If you at not using TWMS as the source of your training, fill out the FY20 Mandatory Training Self-Certification Form, sign, and email or provide hard copy to your supervisor. Supervisors will email them to Andrea Mcclendon who will log training completion.


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