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Work Acceptance

All work comes into NAVFAC Hawaii by one of four methods:

(1) Emergency Service Work: Clients with emergent facility issues should call 449-3100. Target response time for emergency service calls is one hour with resolution of emergency situation accomplished within 24 hours.

(2) Urgent and Routine Service Work: Clients with "Urgent" and/or "Routine" facility repair or maintenance issues should submit a TF-1 form (below) to: Urgent work refers to any repair or maintenance deficiency that does not immediately endanger personnel or property however if left unattended could result in damage to government property or soon affect the security, health or well-being of personnel or the continued operation of a service or system. The resolution time for "urgent" work is five working days.  Routine work is defined as any facility repair or maintenance item that does not qualify as "emergency" or "urgent" but is needed to maintain mission readiness of the facility. The resolution time for "routine" work is 30 calendar days.

(3) Base Support Vehicles and Equipment: Clients with transportation & equipment requirements should contact one of the following telephone numbers:

  • Vehicle Rental (during normal working hours), 474-0475/471-1296. For afterhours rentals, 449-3100.
  • Crane & Rigging/Forklift  Services Contract, 474-5224
  • Crane/Trackage Inspection, 471-7255
  • Rigging Gear Inspection, 294-0560
  • Contractor Crane Inspection and Manlift/WHE Training, 471-3366
  • Motor Vehicle Operations - Dispatch Office, 474-6221


(4) Other Work: Clients' requests that fall outside of the above three options should contact the respective Assistant Public Works Officer (APWO) teams (see link below) via their Building Manager. Examples of the various types of work include: building renovation, construction of a new building, environmental, planning, design engineering, studies, and environmental services.


Work Requests

NAVFAC Hawaii accepts client work requests from Building Managers via email to our Facility Management Specialist (FMS). To get a listing of your FMSs please contact Facilities Management Division at 449-3128. NAVFAC Hawaii uses two basic Work Request Forms:  (1) TF-1 Work Request Form and/or (2) Work Request for Seabee Self-Help Projects (see forms below).


Facility Service Contracting

Facilities Service Contracts (FSC) include: janitorial, grounds and refuse. For more information on FSC for your facility or area, please contact our FSC branch at 471-3199.


Work Execution

NAVFAC Hawaii schedules and executes work via its Integrated Product Team Hawaii (OPH). It serves as the command's primary execution platform. OPH is a multi-disciplinary organization dedicated to producing and delivering products and services to its clients. It has on-site personnel focused on client requirements and ensures their expectations are understood.


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