NAVFAC Marianas


U.S. Navy Public Works Center, Guam

Public Works, Guam was first known as Island Public Works (IPW) in the early 1900's.  At this point IPW was a U.S. Marine Corps garrison commanded by a Marine Corps General.  It wasn't until 1946 that IPW was authorized to hire 525 civilians.  On December 26, 1949, Island Public Works officially was commissioned as Public Works Center, Guam.  Following PWC Norfolk, PWC Guam was the second public works center to be organized. In 2000 the public works center went through a transition from providing public works services with a government workforce to utilizing a contractor.  All Base Operation Support (BOS) services were contracted out to Raytheon Technical Services, Guam (RTSG) that year.  Together PWC Guam and RTSG provided consistent, effective, and efficient utility service to all of its clients


Officer in Charge of Construction, Marianas

In April 1946, the Office for Base Development, Commander Naval Forces Marianas, Guam, was directed to begin the administration of contracts for the construction of naval facilities destroyed during World War II.  The responsibility for the administration of contracts subsequently shifted to Public Works Center, Guam in 1954.  OICC Marianas was re-established in 1963 to administer a $105 million reconstruction program following Super Typhoon Karen who struck Guam in November 1962.  OICC Marianas' mission continued to expand in the following years due to the construction required in support of Southeast Asia operations as well as the U.S. space program.  When Super Typhoon Kim struck the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands in December 1986, OICC was tasked by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide shelters for those who lost their homes.  Within six months, a $3 million emergency shelter reconstruction program was completed which provided 173 homes on the CNMI island of Saipan and Tinian.


Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Marianas

Following in the footsteps of several other Facility Engineering Commands (FECs) such as NAVFAC Far East and NAVFAC Washington, PWC Guam and OICC Marianas merged to form NAVFAC Marianas on February 25, 2005.  NAVFAC Marianas continues to fulfill its mission to improve its products and services for the U.S. Navy, Department of Defense and other Federal Clients.


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