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2016 Contractor Safety Mtg

2017 Contractor    Safety Mtg                                        

CO's Safety Letter CAPT Kurgan Opening Remarks 
Agenda                                    Contractor Safety Trends 
  PWD Kitsap Safety 
  Back Health & Injury Prevention 
  PWD Whidbey Const Safety Focus 
  PWD Everett Safety Philosphy 
  APPS Through The Lens2017 
  UFGS Update 
  Subcontractor Pre-Quals 
  Does Your Back Hurt 
  Back Exercises 
  OSHA's Final Ruling - Fall Protection 
  Out Of The Box - Success Story 
  Contractor Safety - Update 

Safety Newsletter

News Good Catch   Lessons Learned      RECALLS Fall Protection
1st QTR 16  Crystalline Silica   Form  Arc Flash  GENIE   Safety Stand Down 
2nd QTR 16 Contractor Charged with Manslaughter   Observation Form  Electrical Shock    Fall Protection Construction OSHA                
3rd QTR 16  Great Lakes Contractor Fatality    Aerial Lift 12    Falling Off Ladders OSHA 
4th QTR 16      IH Electrician Shock    OSHA Final Rule FP Standards 
          OSHA Final Rule Nov 2016 
1st QTR 17           
2nd QTR 17           
3rd QTR 17           
4th QTR 17           
 Fall Protection                  
     Inspection Forms  Regulations   
     Form Log  Canadian Labor Code  Fed OSHA PPE 
     Carabiner  BC Part 11  1910.67 Aerial Lifts 
     Anchorage Connector  ON 213-91  1926.453 Aerial Lifts 
     Fall Arrestor  AB OHS Complete  1926.959 Linemans Belts 
     VLL    1915.159 PFAS for Marine 
     SRL  CA Code of Regs  1926.1050 Stairs & Ladders 
     Lanyard  1621 Railings & Toeboards  29 CFR Part 1926 Subpart M 
     Harness  1670 PFAs Restraints & WP  Subpart D Walking Working Surfaces 
     Work Positioning Lanyard  1632 Floor, Roof, Wall Openings  1910.66 
  3270.1 Rope Access   
  3416 Advertising Signs  Others 
  3277 Fixed Ladders  FAA 
  3286 Descent Control & Chairs  FAA Chapter 10 
  3284 Window Cleaning  USAF Chapter 13 
  3282 Window Cleaning  OPNAVINST Chapter 13 
  3212 Floor Openings, Holes/Roofs  Stage & Theater Fall Protection 
  1671.1 Fall Protection Plan  Navy Fall Protection Guide Ashore 
  1671 Safety Nets  EM 385 Fall Protection Guide 
  1671.2 CAZs & Safety Monitors  EM385-1-1 2014 
  Appendix C PFAS  OPNAVINST 5100.23G 
    KTR Energized Work Permit 5100. 2018 
    Energized Work Permit Rev 1 
  Other States  NAVFAC NW 5100_1 Chg_1_2018 
  WA Regs Fall Protection   Ktr Electrical Energized Work 5100.6 
  WAC 296-24-88050 App C   
  WAC 296-155 Safety & Amp   
  OR Fall Protection   
  MI Part 29 Comm Towers    
  NC .0601 Comm Towers   


Manuals new AHA's CESO  Checklists 


     UFGS 01 35 26    Revised 2017    Abbreviated APP     First Aid Record of Treatment   
     UFGS 01 35 26 CH5       Accident Prevention Plan     Gas Welding   
     Crane P-307       All Terrain Vehicles     Ladders   
     WHE Message       Battery Charging     LHE Cert of Compliance   


     Chain Slings     Respirator Use   
             Critical Lift Form     Rigging   
         Deficiency Tracking     Standard Lift Plan   
         Drilling Equipment     Underground Construction   
         Earth Moving     Utility Vehicles   
         Electric Welding     APP Audit    
         Contract Constr Compliance     


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