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Navy Seeks Third-Party Financed Energy Solutions at Naval Base Kitsap


SILVERDALE, WA – Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Northwest is soliciting proposals from industry to achieve energy security objectives aboard Naval Base Kitsap (NBK) -Bremerton and NBK-Bangor.



“These projects are aimed to bolster the energy resiliency of two key installations under the Naval Base Kitsap umbrella providing essential power to the facilities and tenants on each location," said Capt. Rich Rhinehart, NBK commanding officer.



The Department of the Navy (DoN) will consider both renewable and non-renewable energy sources to meet the NBK installations’ energy resilience needs.



Naval Base Kitsap seeks private sector developers to provide innovative energy security and resiliency solutions on parcels located at two separate bases within NBK perimeter boundaries – up to 10 acres at NBK-Bremerton and up to 95 acres at NBK-Bangor. Under the authority of Title 10, USC § 2667, the DoN plans to partner with one or more third-party developers to construct and operate an energy generation system at each installation. The DoN seeks to maximize the energy production, storage capacity, and distribution capabilities at both sites, compatible with the installations’ operational missions. While the energy generated would be sold to the local grid, the agreement terms would provide the DoN with physical and legal access to the new energy resilience capabilities in the event of an outage, securing the installations’ mission readiness.



“These efforts to close the energy resiliency gaps will significantly improve NBK’s support to some of our largest tenants’ missions: maintaining Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility’s six dry-docks and 10 piers on Bremerton, and Bangor’s mission to sustain and modernize the Navy’s fleet of Trident and fast-attack submarines,” Rhinehart said.



“NAVFAC is leveraging technical and acquisition authorities as a Navy Systems Command to help Navy installations address one or more of the DoN’s energy security objectives of reliability, resilience, and efficiency,” said Capt. Chad Brooks, NAVFAC Northwest Commanding Officer.



NAVFAC’s reimagined Real Estate Office, newly aligned to NAVFAC Commander RADM John Korka’s Strategic Design 2.0, issued the Requests for Proposals (RFPs) on June 18. Responses are due Aug 18, 2020. The Navy anticipates the projects will reach transactional closing by the end of calendar year 2021, with project development completion slated for 2024.



As in-kind consideration for the outlease of these sites, the DoN intends to receive the development, delivery, and performance of electrical infrastructure upgrades or other potential solutions from the developer(s) to increase the bases’ energy resilience postures. The projects are in alignment with the DoN’s Installation Energy Resilience Strategy, released in March, which emphasizes the need to increase mission capability by integrating a higher degree of energy security at DoN installations.



"Flat military funding is no longer an excuse for the growing backlog of critical unfunded installation requirements," said NAVFAC Real Estate Office Executive Director John Kliem. "The projects at the two Naval Base Kitsap installations are prime examples of how the Department of the Navy can pursue third-party financing of vital energy resiliency improvements by leveraging unique transactional authorities."



All materials related to the two RFPs can be found on the General Services Administration’s System for Award Management (SAM) website here:







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