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The NAVFAC Southwest Applied Biology and Pest Management Program supports the Navy and Marine Corps Warfighter through specialized integrated pest management services for shore installations to enhance Force Health Protection, Force Protection, real property protection, environmental stewardship, and Quality of Life. Our area of responsibility includes Navy and Marine Corps installations in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, and Utah.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

NAVFAC Southwest supports the Department of Defense (DoD) policy to promote and use IPM on all DoD installations.  DoD and commercial contract pest control operators performing pest management on our Navy and Marine Corps installations are required to identify and use non-chemical means of control before using pesticides.  Pesticides used are selected for both their public and environmental safety and their effectiveness in controlling the target pests.  DoD installation pest management program requirements for recording and reporting all pest management  operations, requiring pesticide applicators be certified to apply restricted use pesticides, and approval of all pesticides used on the installation are often more strict than the State’s regulations. The Department of the Navy (DoN) prioritizes the control of pests based on their potential to impact the military mission.

Department of the Navy Pest Management

The DoN Pest Management program is described in DODI 4150.07 and OPNAVINST 6250.4C. Installation public works and facilities maintenance departments provide routine pest management for health protection, installation aesthetics, extending the life of facilities and equipment, security, fire protection, and preventing the introduction of invasive plants and animals. Pest management services are provided by either DoD certified or State licensed pesticide applicators.  The medical department ensures that personnel are protected from pest-borne disease and injury, facilities are sanitary and pest free, and pest control workers are safe from pesticide injury. Support for the installation programs comes from regional NAVFAC and Navy Medicine (BUMED) professional pest management consultants. The NAVFAC Southwest applied biology program operates in conjunction with its BUMED counterpart at Navy Environmental and Preventive Medicine Unit FIVE, San Diego, CA to provide regional support.


  • On-site and remote technical assistance
  • Program planning and Integrated Pest Management Plan writing
  • Conduct DoD Pesticide Applicator Recertification and Pest Control Contract Performance Assessment Training
  • Contract and lease agreement review
  • Program reviews
  • Environmental compliance and protection


The program is staffed by biologists specializing in several areas of pest management including: integrated pest management, pesticide regulation, safety, application equipment, ornamental plant and turf pest control, zoonotic and vector-borne disease control and prevention, pest control facilities, recordkeeping and reporting, planning, and contract review. Our customers include Navy and Marine Corps installation pest management, facilities, environmental, safety, and medical personnel.

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