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The NAVFAC Southwest Real Estate Community is responsible for the acquisition, management, and disposal of real property for the Navy and Marine Corps for Commander Navy Region Southwest.  Area of responsibility includes California, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. The real estate community provides a full-line of real estate products and services in order to support Navy shore installations and the Pacific Fleet.

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Effective real property asset management requires current, complete and accurate data. NAVFAC's Asset management Business Line improves and enhances real property and financial databases to provide the basis for real property management. This includes making full use of new technologies such as Geospatial Information and Systems (GI&S), innovative mapping systems and workspace management systems. These capabilities improve real property management effectiveness and efficiency, and form the foundation of development of the Navy shore vision, global shore infrastructure plans, regional integration plans and installation master plans to ensure a strategic approach to the provision of future infrastructure required for mission success.

  • Special Studies & Management Actions Special Studies - Per study
  • Outgrant Administration - renewal/expiration, insurance renewal, etc.
  • Ingrant Administration - renewal/expiration, payment action, etc.
  • Retrocession/Accession of Jurisdiction - Per action
  • Retrocession/Accession of Jurisdiction - Per action
  • Annexation - Per action
  • Appraisals - Per appraisal, either contract or inhouse
  • Cadastral/NFADB - Per action. Normal filing of records as a result of any action above should be included in that action.



  • Major Disposal of Real Property (GSA Agent) - Disposal where GSA is disposal agent or Navy is acting under specific delegation either from GSA or legislation. Per Report of Excess or disposal action.
  • Minor Disposal (Class II Property) - Class II property disposal. Per Report of Excess.
  • Competitive Outlease - Per outlease action. E.g., if you are outleasing 15 agricultural parcels through one solicitation this would count as one action.
  • Non-competitive Outlease - Per outlease action.
  • Out Easement - Per easement action. An easement that includes several separate tracts of land counts as one easement. An action that covers easements to more than one entity through one right-of-way counts as one easement.
  • License Agreement - Per license. Host Tenant/Use Agreement - Per agreement



1322 Patterson Ave. SE, Suite 1000, Washington Navy Yard, D.C. 20374-5065

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