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The Facilities Management and Sustainment (FM&S) Product Line has two distinct missions:  The "Management" of Navy facilities using Condition Based Maintenance Management (CBMM) strategies and the "Sustainment" of facilities through maintenance and repair services.

This is accomplished using an in-house or contract workforce consisting of Blue Collar Technicians with numerous trade disciplines, Engineers, Planner & Estimators, Work Reception Personnel and other Facilities Management Professionals.

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FM&S Product Line Coordinator

Program Manager – Requirements

Program Manager – Production

Program Manager – Spec Inspections

Program Manager – Spec Engineering

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Condition Based Maintenance SME

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Facilities Management & Sustainment Products and Services

The FM&S Product Line (PW5) provides rate setting, policies, community management, budget, processes guidance, resources and the following products and services through the PWDs and PW5 Core.  Products and Services include (but not limited to):

  • Sustainment of facilities and other infrastructure through maintenance and repair services using an in-house or contract workforce consisting of blue collar technicians with numerous trade disciplines
  • Project Development by Requirements Branch Planner / Estimators for in-house accomplishment
  • The development of Maintenance Action / Execution Plans and the Long Range Maintenance Plan in support of the installation’s operational requirements
  • Centralized Work Reception
  • Identification / management of client requirements via the Facilities Management Specialists and other Facilities Professionals
  • Specialized Inspections / Certification services (i.e., Boilers, Elevators, etc.)
  • Specialized Engineering Inspections services and Analytical Studies


Collaborative Partnerships

The PW5 Core works in tandem with organizational and enterprise stakeholders to improve operational throughput via standardization and the implementation of industry best practices. Stakeholders meet on a recurring basis to share information in an effort to gain efficiencies in the delivery of the product and services we provide to our clientele.

NAVFAC Corporate Workshops
Comprised of FM&S leaders and enterprise-level stakeholders, these events are conducted annually.  This group of facilities professionals develops the overall strategic vision for the FM&S Product Line in alignment with the NAVFAC Strategic Design, emergent requirements and client expectations.

NAVFAC Southwest FM&S Product Line Summits
NAVFAC Southwest organizational stakeholders convene annually to share knowledge and best practices to improve productivity and responsiveness to our Supported Commanders.


Workforce Development & Client Satisfaction

The FM&S Product Line leverages technology, the organization’s apprenticeship program and training to support workforce modernization efforts. This investment in our workforce enhances our ability to respond to and resource our client’s requirements in the most efficient manner. To further instill the importance of client satisfaction in our organization, we created the Customer Service Strategic Guide. Our goal is to achieve optimal client satisfaction while executing the requirements of our Supported Commanders.

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