NAVFAC Pacific
16-03 NAVFAC Pacific Commands to Host Recruiting Event
16-02 Hawaii’s Navy Engineers Celebrate National Engineers Week
16-01 Navy Awards $7.2 Million to Consolidate Welding School
15-08 Navy Re-awards Guam Base Operating Support Services (BOS) Contract
15-07 Navy Awards 6th Phase of Public-Private Venture Housing Project
15-06 NAVFAC Pacific Welcomes New Commander
15-03 Hawaii Navy Commands Receive National Energy Award
15-02 Small Business Awarded $7.58 Million for Submarine Training Facility on Ford Island in Hawaii
15-01 Firm Awarded $89.91 Million to Construct an Aircraft Maintenance Hangar for the Air Force on Guam
14-19 Navy Awards $96.61 Million to Hawaii Firm for Mission-Critical Facility on Guam
14-18 Navy in Hawaii Reaches Out to Community During Energy Action Month
14-17 Navy Awards Mamizu-Funded Contract for Marine Corps Relocation Project on Guam
14-16 NAVFAC Hawaii Completes Urgent Marine Aid Station Repairs
14-15 Navy Schedules Controlled Detonation at Kalaeloa Site
14-14 Navy Awards Base Operating Support Services Contract for Work on Guam
14-13 NAVFAC Pacific Awards $12.5 Million Contract Modification to Small Business for Environmental Remediation
14-12 NAVFAC Pacific Celebrates Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
14-11 NAVFAC Pacific Awards $42.3 Million for Infrastructure Improvements to Naval Base Guam
14-10 NAVFAC Pacific Awards $53.7 Million for Marine Corps Construction Project on Guam
14-09 NAVFAC Pacific Awards Hawaii Small Business $7.5 Million for Architect-Engineer Services
14-08 NAVFAC Commands Participate in Fifth Annual Hawaii Earth Day Fair
14-07 Small Business Awarded $13 Million to Construct Critical Facility for Marine Corps Base Hawaii
14-06 NAVFAC Pacific Awards $25 Million to Improve Emergent Repair Facility at Naval Base Guam
14-05 NAVFAC Pacific Awards $45 Million Hangar Project for Andersen Air Force Base, Guam
14-04 NAVFAC Pacific Awards Dry Dock Waterfront Facility for Pearl Harbor
14-03 NAVFAC Pacific Employee Faithfully Devotes Half-a-Century to the Federal Government; Well-Deserving of the Lifetime Service Award
14-02 NAVFAC Commands Partner Together to Support STEM Outreach Program
14-01 NAVFAC Pacific Celebrates Contributions of Engineering Professionals for National Engineers' Week
17-01 NAVFAC Pacific Celebrates National Engineers' Week at Local Outreach Event
17-02 NAVFAC Pacific Awards $30 Million Architect-Engineering Contract
17-03 NAVFAC Pacific Announces Federal Executive Board Winners
17-04 New NAVFAC Leaders Announced
17-05 NAVFAC Recognizes Standout Employees in the Pacific
17-06 NAVFAC Pacific Hosts Educational Earth Day Event
17-07 NAVFAC Celebrates Public Works Week
17-08 Hawaii Program Analyst Embraces Filipino Heritage
17-09 NAVFAC Pacific Celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
17-10 Navy Captures Large Audience at U.S. Industry Day in Australia
17-11 Navy Awards Government of Japan-Funded Contract for Marine Corps Relocation Project on Guam
17-12 NAVFAC Pacific Awards $30 Million Architect-Engineering Contract
17-13 NAVFAC Pacific Awards $235 Million Contract to Small Businesses
17-14 Hawaii Business Awarded Contract to Construct Communications Facility at Marine Corps Base Hawaii
17-15 NAVFAC Pacific Awards Contract for Sewer System Upgrades at Naval Base Guam
17-16 NAVFAC Pacific Awards Construction Contract for Marine Corps on Guam
17-17 NAVFAC Pacific Awards Contract in Support of the Department of the Navy's Environmental Restoration Program
17-18 NAVFAC Pacific Awards Contract for Power Upgrade in Guam
17-19 NAVFAC Pacific Helps Feed Hawaii Families in Need
17-20 Small Business Awarded Contract for Environmental Support
17-21 NAVFAC Pacific Awards Contract for Work on Wake Island
17-22 NAVFAC Pacific Theater Engagement Engineering Team Completes Facility in Vietnam
17-23 Navy Awards Government of Japan-Funded Contract for Marine Corps Relocation to Guam
17-24 NAVFAC Pacific Congratulates Military and Civilian Engineers of the Year
18-01 NAVFAC Pacific Launches New Indoctrination Program
18-02 NAVFAC Pacific Educates Command and Community During National Engineers' Week
18-05 NAVFAC Pacific Vice Commander Retires from Navy
18-04 NAVFAC Pacific Awards Construction Contract for Work in Australia
18-03 NAVFAC Pacific Awards $64 Million Contract for Aircraft Maintenance Hangar on Guam
18-07 NAVFAC Pacific Awards Contract for Work in Australia
18-06 Navy Awards Government of Japan-Funded Contract for Marine Corps Relocation to Guam
18-08 NAVFAC Pacific Awards $8.8 Million Construction Contract for Work in Australia
18-09 New Commander at NAVFAC Pacific
18-10 NAVFAC Pacific Awards Contract to Hawaii Small Business
18-11 NAVFAC Pacific Awards Contract for Work on Guam
18-12 NAVFAC Pacific Awards $40 Million Architect-Engineering Contract
18-13 NAVFAC Announces Organizational Realignment to Increase Efficiencies

17-04 New NAVFAC Leaders Announced

04/06/17 12:00 AM


PEARL HARBOR-HICKAM – Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Pacific recognized 11 graduates April 5 who successfully completed the NAVFAC Leadership Development Program (LDP) and NAVFAC Pacific’s Emerging Leader Program (ELP).

“The NAVFAC LDP and NAVFAC Pacific's ELP are extremely beneficial to our future managers and leaders of NAVFAC as it offers limitless opportunities to improve yourself, your career and the organization,” said Lynn Tanaka, NAVFAC Pacific’s ELP coordinator.

The NAVFAC LDP is a highly competitive two-year program generated from NAVFAC Headquarters, which provides various developmental opportunities through formal training, rotational assignments, team building activities, presentation classes, and attending key leadership meetings.  Each LDP cadre member is also assigned a mentor to help provide a fresh perspective on various career paths. The program is also challenges employees to perform outside their comfort zone to enhance both personal and professional growth.

The two 2016 LDP cadre graduates are Eric Koike and Vanessa Simpkins.   

“Through the LDP, you are immersed into the leadership arena from the very beginning, where you examine your strengths and pursue to strengthen your weaknesses,” said Eric Koike, Guam Program Management Office facility activation. “Often times, we get consumed with our day-to-day that we are not able to see what else is out there and how we can contribute to NAVFAC's mission. I encourage everyone to find a way to take advantage of this tremendously beneficial program.”

NAVFAC Pacific’s ELP is a one year program, which consists of a training plan and schedule, group meetings, command tours, shadowing and rotational assignments, working with a mentor and conducting senior leader interviews.

The nine 2016 ELP cadre graduates are Michael Ishibashi, Chantel Foster, Chantelle Santos, Wah-Cheong Sze, Sherry Diones, Susan Jenkins, Vivian Guzman-Aniban, Keith Yoshimoto and Wyatt Hue. 

“The best takeaway of the ELP was the mentoring, as it really gave me a different perspective professionally and personally,” said Wyatt Hue, NAVFAC Far East utilities project manager. “Talking with my mentor helped me focus on my short-term goal, which was moving to an Echelon IV Command. With that focus, I was able to work towards it and am currently stationed at NAVFAC Far East.”

The ELP is also designed to improve leadership skills, provide awareness of various managerial styles, improve formal presentation skills, understand supervisory roles and responsibilities and provide insight to NAVFAC Supported Commands.

“The program gave me the opportunity to have quality face time and access to NAVFAC outside of the organization’s leadership,” said Michael Ishibashi, environmental engineer. “I would recommend completing as many senior leader interviews as you can accommodate. The one-on-one interviews provide valuable insight on what our leaders are made of, and what qualities you may want to adopt for yourself as a future leader.”

Each program is managed by an administrator and coordinator. NAVFAC Pacific’s LDP Coordinator is Ron Hertwig, NAVFAC Pacific business director and NAVFAC Pacific’s ELP Coordinator is Lynn Tanaka, NAVFAC Pacific Asset Management business line manager. NAVFAC Pacific’s LDP Administrator is Shaylyn Andres, NAVFAC HRO Hawaii and NAVFAC Pacific’s ELP Administrator is Shirley Goo, NAVFAC HRO Hawaii.

“It’s been an honor to witness the growth of cadre members and see the difference they will make in our NAVFAC ohana,” said Tanaka.





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