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EXWC Team Wins Award for Energy Savings Performance Contract

10/23/18 09:00 PM

NAVFAC Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center Wins Award  for Energy Savings Performance Contract
Winners of the 2018 Federal and Energy Water Management Award. The team works at NAVFAC EXWC, in the Public Works and Acquisition Departments. They won the award for their collective work on the Energy Savings Performance Contract, awarding six energy performance contract projects in FY 2017 with a total cost of $445 million, annual energy savings of 776.7 MBTU, and annual water savings of 63,391 KGAL. (Official Navy Photo by: David I Miller/EXWC EA1 NMCB 4/Released)

WASHINGTON D.C. (October 24, 2018) – The Department of Energy presented members of Naval Facilities (NAVFAC) Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center (EXWC) with a 2018 Federal Energy and Water Management Award on October 23.

In a letter from the Energy Programs Manager, US Department of Energy, Ms. Terry Reid sent congratulations to the Department of the Navy Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) Team, for winning a Federal Energy and Water Management Award in the Contracting category for outstanding contributions related to energy and water cost savings, optimized energy and water use, and the use of advanced and distributed energy technologies at federal facilities in FY 2017. The multi-disciplinary team is comprised of three main branches: a Headquarters team, supported by Ms. Daniela Holtz and Ms. Caren Welker; a Technical team supported by Mr. James Heller, Mr. Daniel Magro, Mr. Randall Duncan, Mr. Eugene Clark, Mr. Max Hogan, Mr. Eric Hernandez, Mr. Gerritt Lang, Mr. Kevin Smith, Ms. Beverly Wade, Mr. Robert Suggs, and Mr. David Hamada; and a Contracting team, supported by Mr. Russell Dominy, Mr. Ricardo Balatbat, Ms. Dyanne Van Der Kamp, Ms. Roxan Boado, Mr. Gregory Klein, Mr. Joseph Macias, Ms. Kelly McCabe, Ms. Dawn White, and Mr. Robert Koplos.

The annual awards program is sponsored by the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) to recognize individuals and organizations for significant contributions to energy and water efficiency within the federal government. The awards, established in 2001, span six categories and recognize federal employees who develop and implement exemplary, cost-effective projects and programs that cut energy waste and advance America’s progress toward energy independence, resilience, and security, while also advancing federal agency missions.

ESPC is a unique program enabling the federal sector to recapitalize energy and utility equipment via financing from energy cost savings, requiring no upfront investment from the Department of Navy. ESPC contractors conduct comprehensive energy audits, identify improvements, design and construct projects that meet the Agency's needs to improve energy efficiency and increase energy security.

The scope of the projects awarded ranges from lighting upgrades to a fully automated combined heat and power (CHP) plant, renewable on-site electrical generation and an energy storage system. Eric Hernandez, ESPC Subject Matter Expert, explains the lasting significance of the ESPC program. “Once implemented, these projects will enhance the installations energy posture and increase resiliency to enable continued support of the warfighters.”

The ESPC Team awarded six contracts during the first quarter of FY17, with a total cost of $445M, an annual energy savings of 776,748 MBTU, and annual water savings of 63,391 KGAL. This translates to a combined first year savings of $14.5M. These projects, along with the other recent ESPC and UESC awards, took the Navy’s contract total well over the threshold to exceed the Department of Navy’s share of the President’s Performance Contracting Challenge of $570M. The target was surpassed with $646M in awarded performance contracts.

 “I feel a sense of responsibility after winning this award,” remarked Roxan Boada, ESPC Contracting Officer. “This is not just about winning to be recognized, but entrusting the ESPC team with the responsibility of continuing the outstanding level of performance to achieve even more.  I am glad that the work that we carry out has a positive impact and has gained the recognition from FEMP.”

NAVFAC EXWC is a command of more than 1,200 dedicated federal employees, contractors, and military personnel who provide specialized facilities engineering, technology solutions, and life-cycle management of expeditionary equipment to the Navy, Marine Corps, federal agencies, and other Department of Defense supported commands.


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