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Capital Improvements

Capital Improvements Business Line reduces total facility ownership costs by standardizing best technical practices, solutions, material and processes to support the entire lifecycle of U.S. Navy and Marine Corps facilities, while meeting operational and readiness requirements.


Supports the CI Business Line through NAVFAC Subject Matter Experts who deliver life cycle technical solutions for naval facilities, including: Aircraft Engine Test Facilities; Airfield Pavements; Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Ashore Sustainment; Corrosion Prevention and Control; DOD Locks Program; Drydock Condition Assessment and Ready For Use Certification; Explosion Effects and Consequences; Physical Security Technologies; Materials Science and Engineering; and Strategic Towers and Antennas.

Capital Improvements provides a vast array of specialized services including:

  • Community management for all engineering and architectural professionals
  • Development and implementation of engineering concepts, practices, programs and advanced technologies for improvement of design, construction and facilities management activities
  • Development and implementation of policies, guidance and criteria to enable delivery of products and services
  • Strategic liaison with all military services, federal agencies, professional and technical organizations, and academia.


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