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Military Specifications


Military Specifications

Review our Security Document Hierarchy chart to see the hierarchical order of security documents and their authorizing entities.

MIL-DTL-29181C, Hasp, High Security, Shrouded, for High and Medium Security Padlock, 10 March 1998.
MIL-DTL-43607J, w/Amendment 1, Padlock, Key Operated, High Security, Shrouded Shackle, 29 July 2010.
MIL-H-24653, Hasp, High Security, Shrouded, for Shipboard Doors and Hatches Using High and Medium Security Padlock, General Specification For, 30 May 1985.
MIL-H-43905, NOTICE 2, Notice of Cancellation, Hasps, High Security Padlocks, 22 May 2000.  This document cancels Military Specification MIL-H-43905C and refers to MIL-DTL-29181.
MIL-S-901D, Shock Tests, H.I. (High-Impact) Shipboard Machinery, Equipment, And Systems, Requirements For, 17 March 1989.
MIL-STD-167-1A, Department Of Defense Test Method Standard, Mechanical Vibrations Of Shipboard Equipment (Type I – Environmental And Type Ii – Internally Excited), 2 November 2005.

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