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Technical Data Sheets


Technical Data Sheets (TDS)

TDS-2000-SHR, Neutralizing "Locked-out" Security Containers, November 1993, has been incorporated into Federal Standard FED-STD-809.
TDS-2010-SHR, Neutralizing Red Label Class 6 Cabinets, June 1995, has been incorporated into Federal Standard FED-STD-809.
TDS-2043-SHR, Sargent & Greenleaf Model 833C, High Security Padlock, June 2000.
TDS-2054-SHR, Protecting Electronic Media from Fire Damage, December 1998.
TDS-2078-SHR, Pre-Engineered Explosives Magazines, June 2001.  Formerly Technical Data Sheet 82-12.
TDS-2093-SHR, Kaba Mas (Formerly Mas-Hamilton Group) X-07 / X-08 / X-09 Combination Locks, October 2004.
TDS-2094-SHR, Magazine Door Closure System, December 2006.
TDS-2096-SHR, Shipboard Mounting System for GSA Approved Class 5 & 6 Containers, April 2008.

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