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Weapons Storage / Armory Vault Locks (FF-L-2937)

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Mechanical Combination Locks   

For Protection of Weapons and Ammunition

All new GSA approved weapons containers, GSA approved armory vault doors, and GSA approved field safes are required to have a mechanical combination lock meeting Federal Specification FF-L-2937, Combination Locks, Mechanical and its Amendment 2

Existing weapons containers, vault doors, and field safes may continue to use a mechanical combination lock meeting the requirements of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) Standard 768, Group 1.  If the existing UL 768, Group 1 lock fails, or requires replacement, it must be replaced with a lock meeting FF-L-2937.  These containers and doors should not have an FF-L-2740 combination lock.

FF-L-2937 mechanical combination locks meet performance and design requirements of UL Standard 768, Group 1 publication.  These locks resist manual manipulation for a period of 20 man hours.  FF-L-2937 locks are available from the DLA Troop Support.  See the FF-L-2937 Lock Order Info page for information on how to procure mechanical combination locks.

Click here for S&G 2937 Installation and Operating Instructions



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