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S&G 2740B Mounted Lock (FF-L-2740B)

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S&G 2740B Mounted Combination Lock   


The Sargent & Greenleaf Model 2740B electromechanical combination lock has been approved under Federal Specification FF-L-2740B, Locks, Combination, Electromechanical.  The S&G Model 2740B lock is available from the DLA Troop Support and GSA Global Supply.  See the Ordering Information page for information on how to procure this lock.  The two main differences between the S&G Model 2740B lock and its predecessor are that the S&G Model 2740B lock does not use a setup module, and you only have to make one revolution between each number when dialing the combination (there is a "111" sticker on the lock to remind users).  You can visit Sargent & Greenleaf's Model 2740B web page for more information about this lock.  When properly disposing of this lock, it shall be sent to the DoD Lock Program, see our Combination Lock Support page for disposal instructions.

Click here for S&G 2740B Installation Instructions

Click here for S&G 2740B Operating Instructions

Video instruction for the operation of S&G 2740B Locks  (CDSE site)

Video instruction for changing the combination of S&G 2740B Locks  (CDSE site)


This lock is powered by a main battery (CR123A lithium camera-type), and also houses a long-life backup battery (CR2450 coin cell).  Both batteries are on the underside of the lock cover.

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The dialing sequence of the S&G Model 2740B lock is left-right-left-right, but unlike the S&G 2740 lock, it only requires one revolution between each number.  However, the dial can be rotated more than one revolution for entry of any combination number in case you overshoot the desired number.



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