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Kaba X-10 Mounted Lock Ordering Information


X-10 Mounted Electromechanical Combination Lock Ordering Information

The locks mentioned on this website that meet Federal Specification FF-L-2740B have a limited use clause contained in the specification; they are to be sold only to the Federal Government, US Government contractors specifically authorized to purchase these locks, or other organizations or persons specifically authorized or required by the US Government to use these locks.

The product(s) listed here are available from DLA Land and Maritime and GSA Global Supply. 

To order from DLA you must use DLA's procurement website which replaces DoD EMALL for purchasing the products DLA sells.  Additional DLA FedMall information can be found at  You can also call the DLA Contact Center at (877) 352-2255 for procurement information.

GSA Global Supply makes it easier for customers to order supplies and services on the internet.  This electronic ordering system allows the GSA customer to browse or search for items using key words, part numbers, National Stock Numbers, vendor names, and compare features, prices, and delivery options.  Order availability and real time pricing are provided.  Customers place orders electronically and select a convenient payment method.  If you cannot access GSA's on-line ordering system - GSA Global Supply - just call (800) 525-8027 and place your order.

Department of Treasury is lowering the limit on use of the Government Purchase Cards (GPC) for intra-governmental transactions from $24,999.99 to $9,999.99 effective October 1, 2020Click here for more information.

(from DLA)  
X-10 Combination Lock, for GSA approved security containers and GSA approved vault doors (Style 1) $841.91  DLA
(from GSA)  
X-10 Combination Lock, for GSA approved security containers and GSA approved vault doors (Style 1) $924.38  GSA

Note: Prices subject to change without notice.



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