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The General Field Service Padlock (GFSP) is a heavy duty, exposed shackle padlock that meets the requirements of Federal Specification FF-P-2827A.  It is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

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The GFSP is the result of a study conducted by the DoD Lock Program in which the need for a medium priced, exposed-shackle padlock was identified.  The GFSP is an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications.  And, the GFSP provides resistance to forced entry equal to the hardened chain or hasp that should be used with it.  This padlock is recommended in applications where padlocks are exposed to grit, corrosive environments, or freezing conditions.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the toe of a shackle?

A: The part of the shackle that may be removed from the lock body.


Q: What is the heel of a shackle?

A: The part of the shackle that remains attached to the lock body.


Q: What is a hinged shackle?

A: A shackle whose heel is permanently mounted to the padlock case in a manner which allows the shackle to pivot to open.


Q: What is a shrouded shackle?

A: A shackle which is protected from cutting or tampering by design or by the use of secondary shields.


Any further questions can be directed to:

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