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High Security Hasps


High Security Hasps


High security hasps meeting military specification MIL-DTL-29181, Hasp, High Security, Shrouded, for High and Medium Security Padlock are intended for use with high security padlocks for critical security applications.  The hasp styles are the right hand or left hand style for use on sliding and swinging (hinged) doors, and the style for use on shipboard doors and hatches that swing out to open.  See military specification MIL-H-24653, Hasp, High Security, Shrouded, for Shipboard Doors and Hatches Using High and Medium Security Padlock for more information on hasps for shipboard doors and hatches. 

These high security hasps were formerly known as the Naval Ammunitions Production Engineering Center (NAPEC) hasp.  Technical design specifications can be found in the Standard Plans for High Security Hasps and Physical Security Equipment Ashore document.

High security hasps are available from DLA Land and Maritime.  Click on the Ordering Information tab for procurement information.


Pictured below is the right hand hasp for use on sliding doors.


Pictured below is the hasp for use on swing out shipboard hatches.



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