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High Security Padlocks


High Security Padlocks

High security padlocks are intended for general military use with high security hasps where a high degree of physical security is required as specified by Enclosure 5, paragraph 2.g.(2) of DoD Manual 5100.76.  High security padlocks are covered by military specification MIL-DTL-43607J, "Padlock, Key Operated, High Security, Shrouded Shackle".  The number of keys for a high security padlock are limited to one control key and two operating keys as specified in paragraph of MIL-DTL-43607J.  Enclosure 4, paragraph 10.b of DoD Manual 5100.76 requires that the number of keys be held to an absolute minimum.

High security hasps must conform to military specification MIL-DTL-29181C, "Hasp, High Security, Shrouded, For High And Medium Security Padlock".  Visit our High Security Hasps page for more information on high security hasps.

The S&G 951 high security padlock has been tested and approved meeting military specification MIL-DTL-43607J and is available from DLA Land and Maritime.  Click on the Ordering Information tab for NSNs and information on how to procure this lock.  The S&G 833C is the only other high security padlock that meets MIL-DTL-43607J and is approved for use, however, it is no longer manufactured. 

The DoD Lock Program can provide servicing and demilling of S&G 833C and 951 high security padlocks.  Click on the High Security Padlock Services tab for more information.  You may also want to review S&G 951 High Security Padlock Servicing Instructions or Technical Data Sheet TDS-2043-SHR (S&G 833C High Security Padlock Operation and Maintenance Instructions). 



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