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High Security Padlock Services


The DoD Lock Program can provide the following services to all branches of the military, federal agencies, and DoD contractors, except the Coast Guard, Marine Corp., and Navy for S&G 833C and 951 high security padlocks.  Coast Guard, Marine Corp., and Navy personnel please contact NSWC Crane at (812) 854-1354 or DSN 482-1354 for procurement, disposal, or lock service.

  • Demilling - All high security padlocks, keys, and components placed out of service or no longer serviceable must be sent in for proper disposal/destruction.
  • Lock Cylinder Installation - A minimum of one key from the installed cylinder and the new (purchased) replacement lock cylinder are required to be sent with the padlock to perform this service.
  • Broken Key Extraction - If a piece of your key has broken off and is stuck in the lock's cylinder, you can send it to the DoD Lock Program.  We'll attempt to recover the broken debris.  In order to perform this service, all remaining keys and key pieces are required to be sent in.


In all requests for service you must first call the DoD Lock Program Technical Support Hotline at (800) 290-7607 or DSN 551-1212.  You will be instructed to fill out our High Security Padlock Service Request form and send it to us along with the S&G 833C or 951 padlock and keys where applicable.



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