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Low Security Padlocks


Introduction to Low Security Padlocks


Low security padlocks, sometimes referred to as secondary locks, are used for administrative control, on gates barring access to in-process/production facilities, for securing weapons racks contained within secured areas, and where secondary locks are specified.  These padlocks provide only minimal resistance to forced or surreptitious entry and must not be used to secure classified material.  Low security padlocks must be key-retaining and be stamped with "US," or "US Set" if a padlock set.  Key-retaining means the key must be captive (unremovable) in the cylinder when the padlock is unlocked.

Military specifications for low security padlocks have been cancelled.  The low security padlock military specification has been replaced by Commercial Item Descriptions (CID) A-A-59486C, Padlock Set (Individually keyed or keyed alike), and A-A-59487C, Padlock (key operated).  These CID also replace cancelled Commercial Item Description Padlock A-A-1927.


Laminated padlock body

Laminated padlock body with chain

Solid padlock body



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