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GSA approved field safes are uniquely made for military units for authorized storage of classified material in the field.  They are small portable class 6 single drawer containers with a mechanical combination lock meeting UL Standard 768, Group 1 (older containers), or Federal Specification FF-L-2937 (newer containers).  They weigh approximately 110 lbs. for a single lock configuration and 125 lbs. for a dual lock configuration.  They come with carrying handles located front and rear.  Field safes are made in accordance with Federal Specification AA-F-358J and AA-F-358J, Amendment 3.  Review the Federal Qualified Products List QPL-AA-F-358-20 under Class 6, Size VIII, to see which manufacturers' products meet federal specifications for field safes. Please note that per ISOO Notice 2014-02, ALL "GSA Approved" security containers and vault doors MUST BE PROCURED through GSA Global Supply. Click on the Ordering Info tab for more information.

It is not authorized to secure a field safe to a structure by locking a chain through the handle(s).  According to Federal specification AA-F-358J, paragraph 3.3.8: "The handles are not intended to provide security against unauthorized removal of the cabinet but are furnished to assist in the authorized movement of the cabinet from one location to another."   DoD Manual 5200.01, Volume 3 Enclosure 3, paragraph 6.a.(2) states: "field safes shall be under sufficient control and surveillance when in use to prevent unauthorized access or loss."


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