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IPS Containers


Information Processing System (IPS) Containers


IPS (Information Processing System) containers are GSA approved security containers constructed specifically for the protection of classified communications equipment.  IPS containers are modified class 5 containers that are designed for closed-door, unmanned on-line operation of computers, network servers, workstations, and encryption equipment that process classified information.  They come in several sizes and door style design.  IPS containers feature the following provisions; they include rack-mounting assemblies, universal cable exit assemblies, power supplies, and cooling systems.  They are built to Federal Specification AA-C-2786, and AA-C-2786 Amendment 2, and come equipped with a lock meeting Federal Specification FF-L-2740B.  Please review the Federal Qualified Products List QPL-AA-C-2786-3 to see which manufacturers' products meet federal specifications for IPS containers.

Due to the number of variations in container configuration, orders for IPS containers should be made against GSA Schedule contracts directly from the manufacturer by referencing Federal Specification AA-C-2786, QPL qualification number QPL-AA-C-2786-3, and the manufacturer's part number (designation or "Brand Name" from the QPL). Click on the Ordering Info tab for more information.

Photo of open IPS safe
Photo of IPS safe


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